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Monday, March 17, 2008

rude, rude, rude.

there's something about condo staff that makes them rude.

i'm not sure if it's because they work there, and hence think they OWN the place, or maybe it's because they set the rules and guidelines (ooh, so scary wor) so they feel high and mighty about themselves.

whatever it is, when you're working at a condo facilities center, you're part of the service line and HENCE POLITENESS TO YOUR CLIENTS IS REQUIRED.

i was polite when i called, and asked whether the theater was fully booked this friday.

i really don't know what's up with you, and why you were so agitatedly telling me, 'BUT YOU HAVE TO COME DOWN PERSONALLY TO BOOK!! YOU MUST CHECK WITH SECURITY!'

yes, i know that, but i'd just like to check the availibility of the facility, i told you nicely. i even put in a hint of a smile over the phone, in case you thought i was one of those people who didn't read your 101 posters on the lift saying, 'PLEASE BOOK THE FACILITIES PERSONALLY FROM NOW ON KPLSTHX'.

and what's that about checking with security? so the security handles facilities booking now? erm... so your job... pertains to what exactly?

and so i ask again for availability, politely, so that i won't need to rush home, or make my brother rush down to book the theatre only to realize that it's full, and it's a wasted trip. i'm sure the file can't be more than 10 strides away, i've seen your room, it's not exactly a sprawling mansion.

and so you bang the phone down, stride over while complaining to the entire room in malay (hey mister, i understand you alright. even if i didn't take bahasa, your tone makes it pretty plain how you feel about providing a bit of service), and then finish complaining, pick up the phone, and mumble something like, 'hello, you still have to check with security.'

you rude, rude person. i just didn't see the point in talking to you nicely anymore.

it was good that you finally stopped reiterating yourself after i shouted, 'I JUST WANT TO SEE IF IT'S AVAILABLE!' but your sarcastic way of saying, 'YESSSS, it's avaaaaaailable from 9-1130, 4-630, and 630-9pm.'

you were deaf to my polite questions, but i'm not deaf to the timings you said so tersely. wow, thanks for shouting back at me man. i'm not one to be pushed over too, because this is going to your superiors.

melville park has taught me well.


wah uncle, you heng someone else picked up my complaint call. and that she gave me exemplary service (something which you obviously do not have) and appeased me.



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