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"But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever." - Psalms 52:8

Monday, March 31, 2008


these past few weeks i've been wondering who'd play the guitar when aileen steps out of kids cell. it was actually nagging at me for a while, because i can't play, and i can't learn coz i don't have time, and worst still, i have no interest.

i thought, alright, maybe jacq can do it since she's learning from del now... hmm...

but something just didn't feel right. it just seemed like it was not jacq whom God's prepared... it's someone else. but who? *confused*

last friday, the games room and even our back-up plan, the bbq pits, were so crowded we decided to move over to natalie's place for cell.

when the session was over, and while we were just lounging around before we went downstairs for games, natalie walked over to pick up aileen's guitar. i was going to tell her to be careful, because you know, kids can have quite a bit of the butter fingers.

so i was watching her to see if she was careful with aileen's darling guitar. natalie held on to the guitar and sat down carefully, but before i turned away to watch the other kids... she started plucking at the guitar. expertly. every note was on key, every twang was on beat. and she wasn't playing a slow tune, it was one of those spanish music sorts.


how come i didn't know she could play the guitar??? i was so excited that God had finally revealed who He's prepared that i jumped around the room in joy and squealed, 'natalie!! you can play the guitar!!! you can play!!! ahahahahahaha!!!'

my gosh. i never even knew she could play... and so well!!! she is only primary 6 and honestly quite a difficult child at times. this is natalie, you know? the one that everyone complains about!! i finally have a way to draw her into worship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

natalie was the unexpected answer. i am still floored by her sudden skill. what the... *shakes head and smiles*


the water is extra sweet when you've trudged through the desert.


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