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"But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever." - Psalms 52:8

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

the new honours student is doing just fine

alvin and i were discussing about the singapore F1 this afternoon. i really want to go but the tickets are so highly priced i'd rather he save the money and get something more practical.

but while we were still discussing our options, i got quite excited talking to alvin about walking around the circuit and i enthusiastically kinda uh, referred to myself as an 'F1 race queen'!

*silence around the lab*

then kenny, the new boy, went 'ooogwhehglll', the sound frequently known as the *hurl*.

mock furiously i turned to him and said while laughing, 'eh! what do u mean by that! wah liao eh!'

kenny: wah liao, RACE QUEEN??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

me: *grrrrrr*

alvin: 'eh what race queen...'

kenny to alvin (kenny thought alvin agreed with him about hurling): hahahaha yar lor, what race queen right?

alvin (mock threateningly): ehhhh... not race queen? *evil laughter* u see your proposal later... be careful ah...

kenny, alarmed: OH OH OKOKOK SORRY SORRY

then we all just laughed really hard.

but this was not the end.

10 minutes later hanbin strides into the room, oblivious to the short camaraderie that just happened between alvin, his mentee and i, so i tried to explain what happened.

me: yar! that kenny was so irritating, i said i'm a drag queen-

i stopped abruptly and clasped my hands over my mouth which was shaped like an O.

there was a 5 second DEAD SILENCE in which i was hoping nobody heard me, oh my goodness, please let nobody have heard that-

simultaneously, there was a roar of snorts and shouts of laughter while everyone in the room tried to grasp that fact that i just called myself a drag queen, omg.

kenny was the most delighted of them all, 'this is even better hahahahahaha drag queen hahahahaha!!'



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