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"But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever." - Psalms 52:8

Monday, October 27, 2008

couch potato on the loose

so. the season for tv is in full swing right now. here're all the tv shows i'm following... i'm hard pressed for time to finish everything!

shows i'm watching now:


a so-so season so far. not much happening, and not really rooting for anyone this time.

once i feel overwhelmed by too much tv, this is the first one i'd drop like a hot potato. it's just not getting anywhere. meander, meander. *yawn*

only because it's by JJ abrams. reminds me a little of alias (all the weird science going on without the espionage), and is getting more interesting. but i still can't hand how all the cases get solved so easily. it's too... easy.

HUGE visual pleasures, with the all filmography, gorgeous scenes and backdrops, and of course, chuck and olive's dresses. it's a lovely (but also heartwrenchingly sad) series.

barney is just damn hilarious.

ok this is The Big Bang Theory, and the most anticipated show of the week. i put up this screenshot instead of the usual cast picture because this show is really about 4 geeks who... are really geeky and awkward. i love sheldon, he's the life of the show. :D

and check out the lyrics to the intro! it's been 2 seasons but alvin and i have not stopped bopping to it everytime we watch this together.

The Barenaked Ladies
"The Big Bang Theory"

"Our whole universe was in a hot dense state,
Then nearly fourteen billion years ago expansion started. Wait...
The Earth began to cool,
The autotrophs began to drool,
Neanderthals developed tools,
We built a wall (we built the pyramids),
Math, science, history, unraveling the mysteries,
That all started with the big bang!"

weekend updates are the best part!

my newest add-on (THANKS TO TIONG XINWEI) and it's really sooooo trashy. guilty pleasure. hehe.

shows i'm desperately trying to catch up with:

i'm still only at season 2! :(

alvin really likes this.

and this.

i'm intrigued by vampires... what can i say?

just wrapped up:

too short!! only 6 episodes!! :(

the violent plasticine figures and sometimes really geeky references make me laugh... or -_-"'.


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