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Friday, March 06, 2009

jason mraz *swoon*

it's his killer voice that gets to me, and his wicked samba moves!! *_*

us girls and plus ones met at bugis for dinner before heading down in david's 'immigrant' van. haha. i had womanly issues so i upgraded to the front seat. :D


look at our shiny happy faces!!


indoor stadium - looming ahead (with the snaking line of cars. *sigh*)


we're in!


happy girls (check out xinwei's shirt!):


we meet sharika! who's just as huge a fan as xinwei.


"i'm yours!"


mel made it!! i actually ran all the way up to pass her the ticket, only to realize i was holding on to the sistic receipt... not the ticket. -_-"'



"gimme, gimme a high ten!"

the girls during the concert:



mraz singing live is exactly as jade said - it's cd quality. but the point where he completely blew me away was when he started singing mr curiosity. immediately i wondered if he was going to do the opera bit - i really wanted him to do the opera bit.

AND HE DID. good grief. it was so loud and clear - his diaphragm is HUGE man! as i was recording it, i could feel my camera vibrating from all that voice. fantastic, fantastic.

and the part where it was him versus the saxophone! insane!!

so during the whole concert i was just mostly grinning like an idiot, smiling in bliss at his slower songs, and laughing out loud while he entertained and danced. it was great, great, great. :)


but, i'm pretty bummed he didn't sing my favorite song. :(


it's concert season!!

jason mraz, coldplay, oasis, maybe anberlin if they're coming and maybe craig david if i have the cash. *jiggles with excitement*

so what i want to know is -

a) which artiste would you jump in an instance and get concerts tickets to, regardless of the price?

and then,

b) which artiste would you seriously consider going for, but would depend on the price of the ticket?

for me,

1. anberlin
2. muse
3. third eye blind
4. franz ferdinand
5. no doubt
6. coldplay (i've only realized this when they said they were coming, haha)
7. sarah mclachlan
8. kings of convenience
9. switchfoot
10. the academy is

1. jason mraz
2. oasis
3. craig david
4. justin timberlake
5. 30 seconds to mars
6. the killers
7. dishwalla
8. jonezetta
9. britney spears
10. kylie (but she's way out of my budget man. ANGEL YOU SHOULD BE SO LUCKY. wear your shirt with pride!)

judging from my list... there're really a whole lot of people i'd love to watch. SO BROKE THIS SEASON ARGHHH.

yes, so who would you LOVE to watch and who'd u LIKE to watch? tell me! put it on your blog then drop me a comment so i can check out who you LOVE. (do you love the same people as i do?)

i wanna know! :)


  • At Tuesday, March 10, 2009 7:31:00 AM, Blogger Jade said…

    hahah yes he's so gooood!

    ok 1.

    a) Brooke Fraser
    b) Switchfoot
    c) Michael Jackson >_>...i just realised the other day when he announced his last ever 'this is it' concert i was like...omg i wanna go...but then again...i don't like crowds so i like to catch bands and artists before they're big...and the tix are ridiculously expensive.... so yeah..those are the only ones i would go for :D

  • At Tuesday, March 10, 2009 9:27:00 AM, Blogger feline said…

    yeah i wanted to list down MJ too... budden i'm not too sure if i really want to see him jive in that face.



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