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Thursday, April 09, 2009


ok la i still love you, don't be sad ok? *sayang*

i hate the age 27. IT'S SO OLD. and it's coming for me next year... *sniff*

well, it's alvin's turn first and celebrations kicked off on monday where we went on a cake hunt! woohoo!!

when we invited chuuling and josh to come along (sorry hanbin, you escaped home too early that day heh.) they thought we were going on a cake hunt for wedding cakes. -_____-"' they didn't come in the end, haha.

so the two of us went all the way to tiong bahru for some cake testing at Centre PS. they still had their 4 cakes for the price of 3 promotion!! HUZZAH!!

here's what we had:

Citrusphere - Refreshing Lemon and Whipped Meringue with Hazelnut Pralines.


Gateau Opera - Layers of Coffee Cream, Chocolate Ganache and Coffee soaked Almond Biscuit.


Douce Fraise - Ivory Chocolate with Earl Grey, Strawberry Jam and Hazelnut Genoise.


Grand Cru Royale - Fine Premium Chocolate with Hazelnut Pralines Crunch.



everything was pretty good, and you can tell that the ingredients they used are top notch because everything tasted really fine. my favourites were Douce Fraise and Grand Cru Royale, so we went with a 1kg portion of Grand Cru Royale (since you can never go wrong with chocolate) for this weekend's barbeque. :)


after getting our meats on saturday, we got stuck in a huge jam. BLEH. i was so worried that the mousse cake would melt!

here's the car in front of us with a car decal that said, 'be a happy buddhist!' but the position of the words were more like, 'HAPPY be a buddhist.' it was quite weird.


alvin's dying from the jam:


but it's ok, we have rations from the 10 cookies that greg and jack bought at subway!


this bbq, after our failed attempt about one month ago, WAS A FRIGGIN' SUCCESS. we got all the best stuff, german sausages, beef, lamb, SCALLOP, asparagus wrapped in turkey bacon, salad, tortilla chips and salsa, asahi beer, 4L of fruit juices, aluminium wrapped tiny potato cubes, CARAMELIZED PINEAPPLE!!! and a whole lot of other stuff... i only remember we were SO FULL and spent at least $180 in total. which i'd say is ok because it was a FANTASTIC bbq, not one of those where you just eat chicken wings until the cows come home.



jack and his bland expression caught on film!!


wailiong and alanna (the birthday girl)


greg and wai; i think they're opening up the saba fish:




it was not only a bbq of really great food... the company was fantastic. we kept laughing randomly at stuff like lesbian crabs and something greg mistook as 'genitals' because wai's front porch apparently has really bad acoustics and mishearing what someone said kept happening!

and then they also made this really funny imaginary story which started off when someone noticed a long pole in wailiong's little garden. that was his 'training pole' for chinese martial arts... and then the story grew and grew until it was said that wai liong trained in the middle of the night with his pole, sat in his garden to meditate, trained by punching his fists into a little square of decorative pebbles in the garden to train, walked across his tiny pond to practise qing-gong and put his head under the tiny waterfall when he wanted to cool down, like one of those martial art movies where u see the hero always training near/under a waterfall.

and after all that we almost forgot about the Grand Cru Royal cake.

it's so rich. *slobber*

birthday boy plus one:


birthday girl plus one:


alvin and his excited puppy dog face, ahahahahaha!!






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