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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Ikea Tampines

hohoho it's the time for accountability sessions again!

actually, through the duration of alvin and i dating, we've only met with Dennis and Dellia a grand total of TWO TIMES. haha. which averages out to once a year. yeah we're really terrible at getting down to meeting up.

so for our third date with den and del, we headed down to Ikea at Tampines which got us both rather excited as we've NEVER been there before. yeah, yeah, i know it's in the east and it's sprawling but it's really far away from my house man. :(

here we go!

dinner area:


our dinner which came up to slightly more than $20 in total? quite affordable and really yummy. oh, and see that orange juice? THANKS ALVIN! XD




let's tuck in! (alvin and his monster face)


all was good when den and del arrived; we just updated them about how our MPC was going (which is still in the admin stages - i.e. nothing is happening yet), how our meet up with ps william went, and where we see our future heading.

while we were talking, emmanuel was sitting with us in his high stool chattering away like a monkey. it's amazing how he can just chatter and chatter though nobody was listening to him (we had to, otherwise we'd never get anything done). unfortunately there was a pause in our conversation and i flicked my gaze over to emmanuel. HE CAUGHT IT AND STARTED TO CHATTER TO ME. oh no oh no i can't be rude and ignore him right???

so everything became so silly because emman would be talking, then i'd nod my head or mmm and ahh occasionally because i can't actually hear him over alvin and dellia's conversation.

aiyoh. but he's so cute la. hahahaha.

then i spotted a very purple dress walk past our table. i thought, 'hey that colour's great...' then the lady stopped at emmanuel's high chair and started talking to him. what the... IT'S CHIN LING! wow all the easterners convening at one ikea tampines. :D

i think she came over with chiwern to get stuff to decorate their chill-out room for their place at simei, which is where i stay and which is where den and del are moving to this weekend! yay, easy access to emmanuel. awesome!

chin took emmanuel off dellia and dennis' hands so we could chat, then when we were done we went searching for them, and the chichins left shortly after. alvin and i took over babysitting emmanuel which was pretty much the highlight of my day, really.

he's a hyper ball of energy. dellia warned that 'ikea is like a huge playground for him ah, so you must be careful or he'll start to zoom around the place.' woah. that totally opened my eyes. but instead of being more cautious i started getting as excited about the bright colours and teddy bear seats, and at one point became emmanuel's wing woman... haha, as in we were an aeroplane and i was his gigantic right wing so that he can fly faster (also because that was dellia's plan to con him into holding my hand. she's fantastic at getting emman to do things!! O_O)

the two of us were also incredibly entertained by this contraption where it's like a huge black umbrella with a mosquito net down to the floor. i tried to get emmanuel to find a way in, but when he finally did, he pushed me out and pretended to grrr at me when i wanted back in.


here he is in his special wonderland.


i am the KING! OF! IKEA!


here's emmanuel running away from alvin. HAHA! no la, alvin was so kind as to bring emmanuel to the toilet. emmanuel was running back for more fun!


i LOVE this photo.


i think alvin is great with children because when we realized how late it was and wanted to leave, emmanuel kicked up a fuss and alvin did the right thing to drag me away. if he hadn't done that, emmanuel wouldn't have stopped and ran after us to give us a hug and smile.

i don't know how alvin knew but i guess parenting skills are in already in him! it's great. he can be bad cop. i've already known for sometime i'd probably be good cop coz i turn into mush and putty with children. bleh. thank God for alvin. :)


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