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Friday, June 12, 2009

dance camp performance!

on thursday we all met at the melville bus stop at 830am - as usual, i was later than them coz of my aching bones, when i finally arrived they were all hopping on the spot and shouting, 'VIVIEN JIEJIE HURRY UPPPP THE BUS IS HERRRRRRE!!'

i wobbled over as quickly as i could.

we made a short detour at bedok to meet grace who had seamlessly joined our group the day before (not many changes, coz she was really a fast learner and we just altered the formation slightly).

after walking all the way from redhill mrt to tct in the blistering heat and MY GOODNESS, the overhead bridge almost did me in! we sat for a bit outside the Magic Box while maggie arranged for the tct facilities uncle to come open up the place for us.

before that she asked us, 'so. you guys need a team name... any ideas?'

someone shouted 'looney club!' which made everyone laugh... and so it was.


the previous day we'd finished the entire dance sequence, so what was left for us was just practicing over and over, practicing eye contact and smiling.

so we danced, again, and again and again until lunch. by then everyone was pretty ok already, and in need of a toilet break so we stopped for a bit.

during lunch i smsed alvin about the group's decision to call themselves the looney club which i really DIDN'T WANT, and his reply was:

'Yay! Can call them wonder girls hehe... Get more force into the moves!'

omg, wonder girls. that's brilliant!!! we made the change right after lunch. woo-hoo!

we changed into our costumes (t-shirt, short skirts and black tights, out of which 3 skirts and t-shirts were mine, haha!). the girls were so cheeky, they actually changed quickly just so they could run over to the other side where i was to 'peek' at me and try to embarrass me. but it's ok, i buay paiseh one.


that really made them laugh. or maybe it was my thunder thighs. *shrug*

this is where the fun began. we had about an hour and a half before judging began at 3pm, so we borrowed the cd player that carolyn's group had because it could play mp3s and slotted our cd in. carolyn's girls ('Replay') were intrigued and they all came over to watch us.

we did the whole thing once, and when we were done, they all clapped for us, so when THEY practiced we went over and screamed like rabid fans, 'OMG REPLAY, SO AWESOME!!!' then i fake-wept and behaved like a hard-core fan.

straight from that moment we had this thing about rooting for each other. the next time we practiced, cheryl from Replay played the drums by kicking the bass really hard in time with the music, and she's really on time with it. so we just kept goofing around like that, back and forth, screaming with laughter and our 'fans' kept imitating our dances moves while we were practicing.

THEN. it was time to go upstairs to tct auditorium for a run-through before the judging. we sat in our positions, and when the music played the bass was so loud i got completely distracted coz the sound was WONDERFUL. XD

i just stood there blank while all my girls danced on without me though. hahaha.

we did three rounds of judging, once with gabriel (breakdance instructor), then twinkle (street jazz instructor), then kelvin (the touch dance crew leader/manager?). with gabriel i completely forgot my steps. my mind blanked out - no matter how much i prodded and poked there was NOTHING.

i apologised to the girls after that and they were quite sweet about it.

'it's ok vivien jiejie...


they all grow up so fast!! T_T

i did better for the next two rounds (it's damn nerve wrecking) and then judging was over. the comments were pretty positive; other than not smiling enough ("if you smile, the whole performance would've improved 60-70%! just like that!") and the fact that twinkle saw through my idea of dancing to the girls' advantage, coz we picked really simple steps with a super cutesy look to distract people from the fact that we're all not very good technically. heehee.

why not? my girls are cute what! you'll see in the video later. muahahahaha evil plan. *rubs hands*

yeah so after the judging, there's actually no winner per se; the judging was only meant to help us improve. ps william gave us time to practise anywhere we wanted, so Replay and the Wonder Girls stayed behind...

to create mayhem.

Replay practised first from 4:50 - 5:20. during which we sat right at the foot of the steps and cheered them on and tried helping them to hone their steps.

when it was our turn, Replay sat at the steps. Maggie (the coordinator) very kindly pressed play on our cd multiple times for us to practice. SHE'S GREAT!!

practice was pretty good, but we were distracted by Replay whose members (chantelle, cheryl, jeannette and joy) kept mimicking us while we were dancing. they were just too funny, and by the 2 practice run we invited them to assimilate themselves into our midst.

i absolutely loved how there were so many of them and they just spread themselves out like limp puppets. haha! and it's very obvious who the bunch NOT from the original team is because they did the twinkle-star action too early and then anyhow danced when they had no idea what was going on.


and then, seeing how enthusiastic they were, i joined in and shouted instructions while they danced. but they still stood too early... so they paused very awkwardly in the start, heh heh heh.

and because i kept shouting instructions i completely forgot what was going on. heeh. here you go!

this is the actual practice session. by this time we were just enjoying ourselves tremendously with our 'fans' dancing like mad on the steps (you can see them wriggling in the video at one point!):

we went for dinner, and by the time we came back the girls were so high from the adrenaline rush of laughing, that they started jogging around the theatre. siao! hahaha!

the congre meeting started with worship first - and that was what really busted my ankles and knees. kept jumping and jumping with carolyn and singing my lungs out. man, it was GOOD. my throat was sore after all that singing.

aaaaaaaaaand our performance!

i still feel the same amount of pride as i did yesterday when i first watched the video on my camera.

ah, i love my girls so much. and i really thank God for blessing me with them. :D:D:D


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