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Sunday, August 09, 2009

aileen's wedding

ah, i really hope aileen was blessed by our effort.

the church wedding went really well, other than few glitches here and there, like not making it for the JC shot, somehow being so busy that i couldn't even take pictures (my camera was untouched) nor talk to anyone for more than 5 minutes, and someone taller than me giving me the once-over (really, what's up with that?!).

after we wrapped things up at church, i had an hour to get home, get dressed and get made up before hitting the banquet place.

and yar! the post about the song i wanted to use all this while was 'come on eileen' by save ferris. I'M SO GLAD IT CAME TO FRUITION. haha! we simply decided to give aileen what she wanted, which was a dance down the aisle. :)

during aileen's rehearsal the idea was just suddenly birthed between dellia, chin ling, pamela and i. and despite feeling really tired because the week wasn't great for me, i got so hyped up about it that i unwittingly got really involved. i told chin that i'd find the right music for it while we cabbed home.

the next day on the way to work the next day, i knew things had to get a-movin'! i listened through my entire song list and when i hit save ferris i knew - THIS IS IT. i started to imagine how things could go, at which point can everyone start dancing down, counting beats of four, and whether the point when the couple started will it sound appropriate. by the time the train ride was over, the idea was complete and i excitedly emailed chin ling, then FB-ed everyone etc.

it turned out really fun for everyone, coz chin and chi wern used a pair of fans as props, while pam and roger, sara and melvin, jacq and weilun danced as a couple down. jeric led with his newspaper boy cap and suspenders, while joe and johnathan did their little jiggy. BUT THE ONES I AM MOST PROUD OF: ingrid and nel!! putting them together was great coz they did the can-can. hahaha! although the entire dance was completely mis-cued it turned out well because aileen and colin burst out from the room they were peeking from and had so much time to dance all the way to the stage. it was so impromptu! just seeing the exhilarated look on aileen's face was worth it.

i was on stage lip-synching and as i 'sang' 'come on eileen' i kept hooking my finger towards the couple to come towards the stage - i was trying to be sultry but i was so excited i think i looked a bit crazy!!

oh yes! the music suddenly started that's why we all gabrah la! i remember now. by the time we positioned ourselves we were at the 1st verse already. and alvin stayed up till 4am to edit the song (he cut out the front portion) AND IT WAS FLAWLESS. he let me listen to it in church and oh my goodness i was so amazed that i pounced on him and was absolutely speechless.

WOAH!!! *looks at alvin with renewed eyes*

and all the effort we put in for dressing up to the nines as emcees really paid off! alvin's scarf and hat really pulled off his shanghai mafia boss look, while i was in a cheongsam. i couldn't resist taking a potshot at jeric and saying that 'eh you look like you work as a shoe polisher next to alvin la hahaha!' GOOD THING HE CAN TAKE JOKES because he said, 'EH YAR! i have one photo of me polishing weilun's shoes already! want me to do one more??'

i hastily declined on alvin's behalf.

also, my entire table was incredibly fun; catching up with janani and lynette, laughing at nel making fun of junliang, watching joe get all caught in between them, and laughing at candice calling jiajie 'jiemei'. jacq was laughing so hard she hyperventilated!

i also thought ingrid was a wonderful bridesmaid, while pam and roger controlled the banquet really well as the programmers. and chin!! she helped so much for the extremely last minute plan to dance in. :D:D:D

i'm so excited! can't wait for the pictures to come out! please send me high resolution ones if you can? please? facebook ones cannot enlarge. :(

hehe, i can't wait for ONE particular photo. *rubs hands like a se peh peh*


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