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"But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever." - Psalms 52:8

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

you fit, i fit, wii fit! :D

after mel's celebratory birthday dinner (indonesian food and kickass chendol!!!!) we headed down to the railway station to have some drinks.

that's when angel got all excited about my language apps (especially the french one) and hogged my phone for damn long. -_-

but i love my friends. :)

here's xinwei and david-the-aspiring-trick-rider-woah!

ok... that's all the photos i have. coz angel grabbity-grabbed my phone and tested her french with alvin (they had a lot of fun mangling the language).

shortly after the railway stint...


my goodness i just took off my shoes and MY. FEET. STINK. i'm imagining myself in the new place and being unable to take my shoes off and curl up in my chair. *sad*

on the other hand, alvin will be able to breathe again without sudden bouts of gagging. :D


... we decided to head down to xinwei's for a test drive on her new wii-fit - because she says it's f**king funny. really?

'yar yar especially the yoga and hula hoop one hahahaha YOU HAVE TO TRY.'

we get to xinwii's and created our characters. i'd have to say alvin's mii was the closest to him... then we checked out our wiifit age.

good grief i'm 37 (if i remember correctly). :(

but i have better posture among the rest! hah! also, alvin's character was unceremoniously given a paunch when they checked his BMI and found out he was overweight.


yar it's exactly as you've imagined, a poof and voila! paunchy alvin.
poor thing.

hehehe. heh heh. but his wiifit age is 23 okay! so young!

here's us having a go on yoga.

me first! i suck at it.

here's mel - her right foot is a-okay, but her left ankle (where she's torn her ligament before) was far from okay.

here's alvin on the hula-hoop challenge. it's really as xinwei says. *guffaws*

but he is really good on the yoga despite having his legs encassed in denim. so i can only show you two pictures, one on his right and one on his left because he didn't fall at all. wow.

best thing was that i got home at 2am. zzz. more of that sleepless weekend in a bit!


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