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"But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever." - Psalms 52:8

Sunday, June 13, 2010

going apeshit

June is very painful.

1. we're really caught up with booking our banquet venue and getting everything right in the contract
2. tying up other loose ends concerning the wedding (at least we've confirmed our pre-wedding photographer)
3. i am very, very, very fat - but there's hardly any time to exercise
4. on the job front everything has geared up for me, and i'm beginning to realize this is NORMAL workload
5. i've taken over kids cell and am training my girls
6. i am halfway through a 6 week session on BGR for youth cell
7. i'm doing word for tomorrow's cell (which i hardly have time to prep for)
8. i'm really behind with meeting my girl friends (3 groups of them), my cousins, and the 2=1 folks
9. the house is not done... it's been 8 months.

of course amidst all that i have my duties as a daughter, and as a girlfriend. i don't know how to, when my schedule is like this:

M - cell
T - meet a friend/florist/banquet planner
W - OT
T - OT
F - cell
S - wedding stuff, date, plan for various cells
S - church, cell

there is no rest in there, which means if i take a nap i am immediately behind schedule. or dates with alvin are to go meet some planner/a wedding show/plan for youth cell/have dinner at his place. i can't even wake up in time to clean my room on saturdays.


i'm going to take quite a bit of leave around my birthday to hide at home and do pleasurable things in my time.



my friends!! i am not neglecting you!! i really have no time!! T_T

edit: wow. i know what to talk about tomorrow at cell - Matt 6:25. :D yeah, constantly taking my obstacles to be shining points. oh yeah!!


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