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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

this is how i'm going to lose weight.

so alvin went out and bought Microsoft's Kinect today at its pre-launch. and along with it came...


this has got to be the awesomest idea because it detects you with motion sensors. it is said that when you turn off the lights in your room and put on some IR shades, you can see thousands of IR dots all over your room.


the moment alvin found out about it he showed me the gameplay and man! i was so excited for
months! it's definitely not like DDR or Para-para or wii's Raving Rabbits. that's not dancing! and i keep bonking my head while holding on to the wii-mote. -_-"'

after we calibrated the set we jumped right into it. it felt so good to slide your hand in front of you to get the song started. YOU ARE THE CONTROLLER. :D

so we tried songs from different genres like Sean Paul's Temperature (omg the reggae is fantastic), Neyo's Because of You (only got 2 stars. sadness.), Rihanna's Pon de Replay (5 stars!!!)...

and most importantly, Kylie's Can't Get You Out Of My Head. this was the first song i did on Dance Central.

after we were done with the songs we recognized, we tried the ones that we didn't. when we came across Benny Benassi's Satisfaction, i laughed because it was the rave song for the black dude in White Chicks.

alvin was interested so he tried it. me? nah, no techno thank you!

man, i was so wrong. Satisfaction has super solid moves. check out the gameplay dancer. it's done so well! i was watching the gameplay with my mouth slack.

note: you dance, then there's a freestyle section, then you continue. you actually get to see yourself freestyling, so that gamer there is the actual dude dancing in his gamer room.

on easy it's not too difficult, since all the moves are repeated at least 4 times, but by the time you hit medium you're suddenly doing the robot and jumping side to side. don't even talk about hard; it got me jumping all over the room in a frenzy. T_T

ok, here's Satisfaction on Medium mode because it was the one i had the most fun with.

it's so awesome!!! :D


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