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"But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever." - Psalms 52:8

Saturday, October 09, 2010

october is a great month

got quite a number of things to thank God for within this week - it's like alvin and i just somehow sprung out of the dry spell into a lush Eden!


i finally have news from the credit card company that they will be sending me my card soon, which means i can finally go down to the bridal studio and show my face. and possibly try a few dresses, which is the whole aim. i've been waiting for the darn card for a month now.


anyway, getting the sms was like lifting a burden off my back.

and then... the house is almost done. if things go well, we will be furnishing our new home next friday! yippee! our designers have also confirmed that they would like to showcase our home for the magazine in march, which means the photoshoot + styling will be in jan.

does this mean we can use their props for our official pre-wedding shoot at home, which is also scheduled in jan? I HOPE SO!

the biggest news really floored me - it made me want to squeal at work when i checked my mail. stupid alvin made me think it was bad news by sounding so sombre over the phone. pig. but i won't announce until everything is drafted and deposited for. shh. soon to come.

whatever it is, it's one of the reasons why i'm grinning despite having a terrible week at work! life is handing me chocolates! YAY!

the final reason is that after two weeks, we have finally received our photos via facebook. i know the viewing quality's not great, but melvin has been working very hard to get everything out just so we could take a look. he's such a sweet guy and very flexible to our requirements. i'm not sure how many times i hounded him for the photos - alvin had to step in and hold me back, haha.

i couldn't help it, anticipation is the fastest way for me to go nuts.

well here're my favorites:

totally looks like we're eloping with nothing much our Rock Band guitar and a luggage carrying our headphones.


i found this incredible hat at muji just a week before the shoot. i've been looking for one for so long and i was tempted to just get other hats but thank goodness i didn't because this was just perfect. i put it on my head and immediately alvin and i sighed. perfect.


i don't know how it happened but our album gives everyone the notion that it's unfolding like a storybook. we definitely didn't plan it, but thanks to melvin who pictured it first!


i like how melvin doesn't photoshop people... like how stubby my fingers look. haha! but i love blurred out alvin and his suspenders. :)





shoe shot!! :D



no, pls.

ur sweaty.


by the time i was done with alvin, his hair was standing.


cap, bow-tie, suspenders - the same day i found the hat at muji, alvin grabbed all these at topman. and then the big-spender got invited to a topshop fashion show.

wah rao.



"with our headphones on... with our headphones on..." - Jars of Clay



love the background - rickety old fence which used to be part of the racing turf


shoe shot #2!


this is a classic shot of alvin laughing at me.


recognize any covers?






unfortunately we're still the midst of editing/discussing with melvin how we want our favorite shot so i won't put it up yet.

man, i'm so happy right now i feel like i could burst.



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