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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

back in business


sorry about overblogging (3 posts at a go! wow!) and then doing the disappearing act. i was not gone, just holed up in the new home sans internet, now christened Homie because of alvin's inane manner of naming his possessions (bearie, penguiny, tigerie, wifey etc).

the house is incredible. it's brought out my neat/clean freak by 110%, and i can safely say that i have surpassed my mom in being anal about cleanliness. 2 saturdays in a row i have gotten down to scrubbing/wiping/tidying/mopping Homie. I WANT YOU FLOORS TO SHINE, DAMMIT.

and couldn't have made the floors shine without the Rainbow cleaner, which is a vacuum cleaner alvin's mom brought over. dude, that cleaner means business man. it's really powerful. i love it.

so the past two weekends or any weekday we end work early, we'll go down to Homie to test the sound system, tweak our electronics and what-not.

like last week, we just spent an entire sunday evening sitting on the couch, both of us squashed together to share the sweet spot... of MUSIC. if you're following me on Twitter, this is a repeat - we put on 3eb's Misfits as the litmus test for the subwoofer and IT PASSED WITH EXPLOSIVE COLORS.

the moment the bass part i was waiting for rumbled towards me, i sat there stunned for 2 seconds. then i started yelling, 'OH MY GOODNESS THAT IS SO SWEET. DEAR DID YOU HEAR THAT IT'S SO SWEEEEEEEEET OH GAWD.'

i cried coz i was so happy. i said 2 things following the happy tears -

1. "this is my kobe beef." (referring to alvin who was so happy he cried when he had kobe beef... in kobe. at an onsen. you can't get more authentic than that.)

2. "this (pointing at our speakers) is our best investment, even better than the dining table."

actually i still don't understand why the dining table is such a hot topic. it's nice what. but well yes, our entertainment system costs about the same as the dining table.

i don't know how long we sat there on the couch listening to the few albums alvin brought over. note to self: the yeah yeah yeahs' album is not mastered very well, and should remain in my media player, but 3eb and phoenix pass the amp test.

well, the HD works, Blu-ray hurts my eyes coz it's so pretty and the blacks on our TV are BLACK BLACK, none of that grainy nonsense... and Rock Band on this sweet rig?

IT'S SWEET, ALRIGHT. thanks to the 5.1 surround sound you can hear the crowd cheering you on from behind. the 5.1 unsettles me sometimes though... especially when i was watching movies alone. all that whispering... where is it coming from??!?!

but my ears are happy. happy happy! *claps*

it's so hard to leave the house once we get there. 7 more months!


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