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"But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever." - Psalms 52:8

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

here's Maria reporting to cleaning duty

Woahhh busy week ahead! Gotta finish my work in 4 days – then fun times kick off on Thursday night!

… to go and buy house cleaning appliances/mops/dustpans/brooms/rags/detergent. Yes we are cleaning the new place from Thursday evening onwards!! I cannot imagine how the place will look like with everything in, the lights, lamps, curtains, entertainment system all put up. *shudder* I can’t wait.

And then on Friday I’ll continue cleaning without Alvin (if you would like to lend me a hand, that’ll be lovely! But I expect there will be no takers. *sadface*) if I’m done early I may even pop down to town to get more things for the house since I’ve gotten so many vouchers since my birthday/leaving SMART-Malaria. Ooh… an espresso machine… and blankets. And down pillows. I may love the new place too much to leave. Hmm.

I think the best part about Friday is receiving our furniture. I love our furniture. Every single piece was painstakingly searched high and low for and it’s pretty incredible how they’re all the same theme – modern fairytale. I don’t think they were made with that theme in mind since they’re all from different designers but YAY WE HAVE KARTELL CHAIRS. We went back to check the price at Lifestorey and they cost $600 each. Can’t believe we managed to get them at almost 40% off. And our sofa has Muji cushions and covers! Plus it comes with a giant square where Alvin and I can curl up on, instead of the usual single chaise types.

Oddly, I am imagining a cat on the square chaise instead of us now.

(IWANTMESOMECATS. ZOMG. Our plan is to put dutch bells on them coz it’d be hilarious. Imagine them gamboling around the house in those.


Also, there’s the $3000 dining table. Honestly, it was not the smartest purchasing decision (thank goodness we bought that before I came into my current job – otherwise it’d be rather ironic) but it’s probably my favorite piece and hello!! It was discounted from $5000!!! The mechanics are fantastic (it’s super extendable) and sturdy (metal frame). The table top is also treated-glass (it’s frosted almost white, none of that blue-green colour). So very beautiful. The moment we found it, we knew how the house should be themed. The table is THAT critical to our design, imagine that!

On Friday we may have family and a few ladies coming over to share our excitement regarding the house, maybe break in the new entertainment system (omg Rock Band on Anthony Gallos *shudder*). Also, it’s almost time to get our vinyl player. ^^

Oh yes, we’ll also be donning our archeology gear to go combing through the catacombs of… I forget where. But yes, we shall be explorers on Sunday! How exciting, this week! :D


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