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Thursday, January 27, 2011


so alvin and i headed down to One Degree 15 to check out our selection of wedding invitations (turns out only 2 colors, and miscommunication with our coordinator meant bringing home 240 cards and envelopes w/o a car) ...

only to be treated to a surprise buffet!! :DDD

we had alaskan king crabs and durian pangat. super awesome, but jogging this morning was... barf-worthy. especially while i was running and burping overnight durian pong.



we saw our selection of wedding favors AND THEY WERE SO GREAT OMG. well, they have the usual salt and pepper shakers & letter openers (yawn)... AND THEN SOME.

i had two themes i was planning for, and i can't decide between them so i was hoping that they only had suitable favors for one theme.

but no.

their two most awesome favors were perfect for each theme. which is making it so much harder to decide!! but on the other hand, alvin and i no longer have to worry about having to buy favors to fit our theme.

dude i am so excited i'm having difficulty breathing. next 3 weeks will be packed full of planning. and i RELISH it.

COME TO MUMMY. *embrace*


  • At Friday, January 28, 2011 1:51:00 PM, Blogger Jade said…

    OMGOMGOMG I'M SO EXCITED FOR YOUUUUU!!! sigh...:D good times good times :D

    great to see that things are working out for you guys! i can't remember if i replied your email or not....

    if not. remind me. on this comment. and i'll reply you hahaha :D


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