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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

St Jerome's Laneway Festival (Singapore)

last saturday, alvin and i braved the winds and rain and headed down to fort canning park for singapore's inaugural Laneway Festival.

the skies were overcast and it'd been raining the entire day before so we were prepared in
our slippers and dark clothing. we completely missed Warpaint because we were really taking our time to get to Laneway - we hardly know any of the bands so it wasn't like we were fighting to stand in the front row of the mosh pit. in fact, we were so chill we had our $2 SKP table cover (to double up as a picnic mat) and were prepared to sit right at the top of the hill, just watch the bands from afar, let the music waft past and simply check out new bands.

lovely plan... except that it started raining. it was odd, everytime a band was ending the rain will increase in intensity. at the end of Ladyhawke's set the rain was coming down steadily and at first alvin and i were fine hiding under my cupcake umbrella, but the water started pooling around our butts. we had a good laugh and took turns in yelling, 'oh, oh wet underpants!' but somehow we just refused to stand up until alvin completely lost the feeling in his right leg.

and still we sat happy. through Beach House (did not like then, but loved them only when i got home and heard the entire album), Deerhunter (meh), Holy F**k (they are really good but i'm just not into the music. funny how they couldn't say their name so they intro-ed themselves as other bands like Arcade Fire, haha)... and then we got to !!! !

they were funnnn to say the least. by then alvin and i were on our feet and having met xinwei, she left us with a giant golf brolly while she, birthday girl jacq and gang left for dinner. i was quite delighted with !!!'s front man coz he's really quite nutty and was prancing all over the stage. when he got to a cover of Prince's, alvin and i were dry and so pleased with the whole day plus we had a huge brolly so we started bopping together. like, side to side, back and forward, bopbop.


then this bunch of girls (they looked quite hipster with their men's hairstyles) turned around and i thought they were laughing at us... so i gave them a quizzical look. one of them squealed 'OMG YOU LOOK SO CUTE... DOESN'T SHE LOOK SO CUTE GUYS!! can i hug you??'


she just hugged me. then they all left.

what the..............

it was so fast alvin didn't even have time to react. after it was over he asked, 'what the? how come she hugged you??'

'i don't know man.'

after !!!, Yeasayers came and left. not much of an impression except that their vocals are amazing. but again not my kinda thing. by the end of Yeasayers the rain had been pouring for quite a bit and the mud was beginning to pile and people were getting drunk. when the set ended, the girls were back - a mud slide competition had also started right next to us. while we were watching the drunk ang mohs strip down and slide down the mud (avoid! avoid!) alvin and i were singing at the top of our lungs to Black Kids, MGMT and Franz Ferdinand (filler music in between the sets, love the DJs playing all the crowd favorites hehe).

then it was Foals, and it's as if the whole day was just leading up to their performance. my, my. it was incredible. not a dull moment at all. i just stopped and stared slack jawed under the umbrella. as a band, they're just amazing, everyone is really talented. but the one that caught my ears was the drummer Jack Bevan (yeah i googled him). i can't even gush enough about how much i love frenzied/staccato beats and he had it all under control. i remember grabbing alvin's arm mid-way and i whispered fiercely, 'what if i never watch them again?? what if??? i'd be so sad - they're so amazing!! also FYI i am in love with that michael cera lookalike drummer.'

that's probably when alvin gave up talking to me, oops. BUT YEAH I AM NOW A FAN.

oh btw The Temper Trap were pretty great live, and i enjoy their album a lot more after hearing them live, but THAT IS NOT THE POINT.

FOALS IS THE POINT. and Spanish Sahara is a beautiful song.

check out the rain. it was really pouring during Foals' set. sorry Alanna, no good vids for Cassius (i love it too!!!) coz it was pouring so there aren't many vids at all.



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