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Sunday, May 29, 2011

the adventures of Joey & Jay! - day 1 in Homie

say hi to the two kitties we adopted!

the la
rger of the two is Jay, a half Persian male, with a mixed white/blue coat. when we met him at Ubi, he was so dao! but with the incredibly pretty coat i was sold. i didn't want him to be a loner and sit on his own, so we picked another kitten - Joey! she's a sweet little thing, a bit of a runt (they're born only 1 week apart but Jay is huge compared to Joey. his head is twice Joey's size!) Joey's a girl, and she is the cutest little thing. she looks a little like yoda/a gremlin/a sphinx, but her sweet personality won us over. she also likes to play with Jay and pounced on every moving thing (nearby cats, playmate kitties, daiso toys, feet - you name it) so she was a great fit for the profile we wanted.

i really hope she grows up to be a big girl.

side note: when we went to ubi, the foster home's cats were HUGE. seriously huge. i was a bit stunned by how large and sleek they were, but apparently that's the normal size of cats when they get proper nutrition.


when Andy of the Love Kuching Project brought out the box to transport the kittens, all the cats perked u
p and started to gather around the box, sniffing it, going in, coming out, fighting with the flaps. MAYHEM. poor andy needed to punch holes into the box but could hardly get anything done coz there'd always be a cat sitting inside and peering straight at the penknife. hahaha!

well, alvin was being a dear and helped me bring the kittens home before running off to simlim to get his computer parts. thank goodness we had a straight bus home, as there were no cabs in sight at all and the sun was really beating down on us.

apparently, there's also a pretty solid pet suppli
es shop at parkway parade (yay so near!) and the vet that's been seeing Jay and Joey is only located 1 street away, near the Garden Slug.

staying at Homie/marine parade is the awesomest.

once we opened up the box we expected them to pounce out and bolt. but they actually sat inside for a very long while. Jay was freaked out, you could tell. he moved like a snail, extremely tentative and l
ooked at us like he was saying, 'WHAT HAVE YOU DONE, HUMANS. WHERE IS THIS GOD FORSAKEN PLACE AND WHERE ARE MY FRIENDS.' omg i felt so bad. T_T

but joey, being a little trooper, broke out from her trance and started to sniff around. then she explored. *applause*

as Joey went out, Jay followed along.

right now they are being kept in the kitchen coz the litter box and food are there, and it's the only place that was more cat proof - which was what we thought at first.

we had to leave for church so we gave them a pat, prepared the kitchen with food and litter box and then left.


on the same day we had planned a durian party at 10pm.

it was a mad rush as alvin and i split ways to church and to simlim to g
ather computer parts. amazingly, we managed to meet back at parkway to start buying some pet necessities like shampoo, conditioner, toys toys toys, a pet carrier and a scratching post - thank goodness for free delivery since we don't have a car.

most of the people coming over for durian were cat lovers... except xinwei. when everyone arrived, i let the cats out to roam... oh did they roam! after letting them run through the living room i realized just how much cat proofing we need to stop them from chewing on the wires and running under the TV console.

so hard to get Jay out once he finds a hiding spot. T_T

it also seemed like Joey smelt xinwei's fear (hehe) so she jumped up on the couch and made xinwei scream. LOL. after Joey was shouted at and brought down, xinwei quickly built a cushion fort around her. hehe.

by about 1am, joey was falling asleep on wai liong's lap and jay was snuggling into my shoes (out of reach), and about 10,000 photos were taken by then, thanks to yun. she was just sitting in the corner squealing/snapping/squealing/arghhh-ing/snapping.

after mel, chwan, hanbin, xinwei, david, wai and yun left, it was only alvin, jack, pete and i watching the Sound of Music on blu-ray. we dug jay out (he was not happy) and placed the curled up joey both into the kitchen and unwound in the living room.

after some time, alvin got up and went into the kitchen to get a cup of water. when he came out he said, hey i can't find jay.

well, he must be squashed in a corner, so i went into the kitchen and checked all his usual spots. not there.


i looked at the kitchen window grill and my heart dropped. did he jump out of the window? but Jay's not a jumper - Joey yes, but Jay climbs and he can't leap that high... but what if i was wrong??

alvin saw the look in my face and opened the window grill and climbed out without a word, while pete watched and made sure he didn't fall.

not there, not there. what if he fell off the parapet, oh my goodness................ dreeeeeaaaaadddddd..................... argh.

jack paused the movie and stood up from the sofa. 'maybe he's under the fridge?'

'can't be, the opening is really small!' (it's only about 1.5 inches)

but it didn't harm to look, so i crawled on all fours and peered.

one pink nose and a pair of green eyes stared straight back at me.

OMG JAY!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!! i yelled for alvin in relief and he climbed back into the house. 'ARGHHHH STUPID CAT!' he laughed and facepalmed in relief. we used a stick to get jay out and sealed the gap with our rock band guitar box immediately. jay came out with so much dirt - i must have wiped him 5 times in one night. -_-

meanwhile, joey was quite nonplussed about the whole thing and she went back to sleep.

bundle of trouble. i'm totally enjoying this! :D


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