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Thursday, September 15, 2011

what happens to the cats when we have children?


i appreciate the concern but i didn't get my degree for nothing. only 10% of an entire population of PEOPLE are allergic to pets, cats in this instance. and of that 10%, an even smaller proportion are babies.

please stop asking us. everytime someone asks us this question and we say 'we're keeping the cats la of course', they get all gaspy and shocked and say, 'then your baby how?!'

WHY?? WHAT HAS THE CAT GOT TO DO WITH THE BABY? mind you, our cats are freaking clean and i know as i personally clean them, and when i don't, they SMELL thanks to saliva because they groom themselves the whole day. also, they're amazing creatures who KNOW to go to the litter box for all their crappy business, just like how we KNOW to go to a bathroom. these are cats, not dogs.

and we have housecats that aren't allowed to roam out of the house so they don't bring back fleas and soil etc. i cannot stress how clean they are compared to most cats, plus the general population of cats are very much cleaner than almost all dogs.

an early exposure to allergens creates early resistance. i really suspect kids are so weak nowadays because they've been sheltered for too long.

if our cats really cause our child to break out in hives or have breathing problems (which i SERIOUSLY doubt) then something needs to be done, for sure. but even if that day comes, i'll never just abandon the cats.

i just get annoyed when people assume that having pets at home means your baby will surely suffer. what on earth, man?

that being said... i'm not even pregnant guys!


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