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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

bi-annual checkup

brought the cats to our local vet (only one bus stop away!) for their 6 monthly check-up... i wanted to tweet, but i realized i forgot my phone. so clever.

so Jay was meowing non-stop as i lugged both of them in the carrier. DUDE, HE IS SO HEAVY. i was so worried the carrier handle would snap off and when the carrier hits the tarmac the door will spring open and both will run away. but thank God that didn't happen.

Jay is 3.8kg now! our vet was like, 'ooh his fur is nice! healthy coat, and looks good... but er... think he's a bit large ah, maybe must watch out abit.'

'yar we call him pui kia now.'

she laughs.

apparently both cats are still teething and will continue having bad breath for awhile, until all their tiny teeth in the front drop out. SO KEWT THE TINY TEETH. heehee.

Joey's super tiny next to Jay. a lot of pedestrians were coming over to see what i had in the carrier... and all they saw was one cat.

'i have another one inside there? but abit small.'

'really?! *peers in again* OHHH!'

while we were at the vet's Jay refused to come out of the cage while Joey was the brave girl again. she's amazing - she just survived an operation at the same place and she's completely fearless. within 5 minutes she was sniffing around the vet's steel table (you know how creepy those are, right?) and pawing the vet's arm and making her laugh.

Jay just cowered in the carrier and refused to come out, so we had to dismantle the carrier. -_-

vet: 'you can't hide forever... muahahaha.'

so all in all, cat stats are now 2.5kg and 3.8kg each, Jay's getting kinda fat (oh, don't we all know it - just needed a confirmation) and Joey's seriously teething, which is why she's biting everything. she's also got some inflammation on her hind leg where it's suspected they used to put anaesthetic into, so she's got some anti-inflammatory medicine for that.

but otherwise they're healthy! YAY!


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