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Monday, September 19, 2011

Jay the unknown mixed breed

Jay is huge. looks like an old man here, thanks to his super long whiskers. and i say that because he's twice the size of Joey now (but what Jay has in size
, Joey makes up for it in nippy-ness and claws).

so i was watching him a few weeks ago and looking at his shape. ever since we came back from NZ his ass is like, WOAH. but... i like big butts and i cannot lie! it's super c
ute! whenever he sits on the floor i laugh and grab his butt (needs 2 hands!). we've taken to calling him 'ah pui' and 'ah fat'... and it seems like he doesn't wanna be friendly with us anymore. heehee.

one day while watching him, i had a revelation which i told alvin once he got home from work.

'babe! Jay's a ragdoll mix! i'm certain he's not a persian mix... look at his shape! he's got the muscular body type, large cat with medium-long hair and extra ruff. plus extra long neck (we constantly tease Jay about his long neck, especially when he stretches it out of curiosity) and masked eyes. i really think so, you know? i think he's from a family of breeders but the ragdoll probably got ji
ggy with a regular tomcat so they threw Jay out. SO SAD! ALVIN!!!'

with a sad face i grabbed jay and held him close...

but he struggled and used his paws to push me away.

*REJECTED* that's like, the least ragdoll-y characteristic ever. -_-

so last weekend, someone posted on twitter to @luvkuching a picture of his ragdolls - a white one and a bicolour. THE BICOLOUR LOOKED JUST LIKE JAY!
excitedly i showed alvin while he was trying to edit his photos and he was all, 'yes, excitable wife, good for you. *pats head* now, run along now...'


it's ok, i will show u guys. :D
it's the one on the right.

from wiki & cfa:

'it is best known for its docile and placid temperament and affectionate nature.'

Jay meows incessantly in the mornings when he's not been human-ly rubbed in more than 8 hours. also, he's not claw-y at all unless if you're a piece of furniture or if he's in pain. Joey on the other hand is a claw-y bite-y machine. sometimes i'm afraid to play with her. this is also why i'd offer him for Jojo to pet instead of

'The name "Ragdoll" is derived from the tendency of individuals from the original breeding stock to go limp and relaxed when picked up.'
er... not Jay. he'll meow in protest and then wriggle away while constantly protesting. neh neh. if you don't wanna be huggled then why u grow so fat and furry and look like a cute cushion?

gdolls are slow-maturing, reaching full coat color at two years, and full size and weight at four.'
his coat colour's still changing, but man - at 8 months he's already 3kg. ragdoll males can go up to 5.4kg. i will really dread bathing him at 4 years old then.

'The Ragdoll is a pointed breed, which means that the body is lighter in color than the points (the face, legs, tail and ears).'
'A bi-color Ragdoll has a white inverted 'V' on the face, with a white abdomen and sometimes white patches on the back.'
his coat's pointed except for his legs which are white, although he has the inverted 'v' giving him a bandit-like appearance, and a white abdomen.

'Ragdoll cats tend to be more interested in humans than some breeds of cats. They are known to run to greet you at the door, follow you from room to room, flop on you, sleep with you, and generally choose to be where you are. Many Ragdolls have been taught to come when called and play fetch. They are gentle cats, and usually play without extending their claws.'
all true! except sleeping with us... he prefers alvin's computer chair. alvin can get up for one minute and see his chair being taken up by a pile of fur the next. but if he feels cold, he will occasionally pounce onto the bed and stuff his head into the blanket.

HE'S SUCH A CUTIE. sometimes noisy, but mostly cute. pretty sure he's mixed ragdoll now!


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