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"But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever." - Psalms 52:8

Sunday, February 12, 2006

hectic 3 days.

on wednesday i was thinking, hey, great, my lab report's not due next week, which means i have time to study for the 2202 test (30% leh, dieeee)

i was so wrong. had so many activities going on, not only did i not have time to study, i'm super tired out now. well, but it was great fun. ok, lemme update:



remember the job offer from kelda? ok the scope of the job was to bring jap kids who're on tour around singapore for 2.5 hours. and get paid a lot at the end of it. so i went around with kel's 5 girls (i got 4 boys; one was very cute, and me and kel kept bio-ing him) to little india, and then walked to bugis where everything was closed. (dang) i reckoned my boys didn't like me much coz they were so sullen (kel's girls saw us and went, 'ah! kawaiiiiii!!' immediately our hearts melted.) until the end when they came over and said 'tunk yoo.' and bowed. awww.

then i proceeded to take my cash to buy another abercrombie skirt on sale. it's so pretty!!!! ok, NEXXXXT...


i love fridays, coz i get to see the girls after my lecture. and me and alvin actually finished class earlier than them, yay! (i have biotech, alvin has protein, the girls plus bob n greg have physics in the life science. i know, boring info.) so we all came together and spent the whole day in the canteen. then we went to disturb alvin and ask for treats coz he was manning a booth for the science club. they had rochor rd beancurd!! but only the warm one. boooo. and fondue!! check it out:

yep, we love chocolate.

then during kids cell we had the Amazing Melville Park Race. great fun, but only 2 teams, so i have an overload of prizes at my place now. and while waiting for the teams to come over to my station, i had to tolerate really bad warbling from some karaoke-ing fella somewhere. grr.


there was a prayer meeting in the day, so aileen and i arrived pretty late for the 'SC meeting @ David's'. when we arrived, they were playing the water game. (thanks gdness we were late.)and then we had david's mom's dessert, then we 'lou hei'-ed! from sakae sushi somemore.

it was a mess. then we settled down, and started this 'let's go around in a circle and update'. when it reached chaang ru, we were all 'eh, cheerleader, show us some of your stuff!' then, i can't remember how, he ended up propelling me into the air.

i kid u not. it was HILARIOUS. i have a video of it. teehee.

hmm, what else? well we just basically had A LOT OF FUN. and took 1001 photos and videos. and we actually redid our 'p p p' cheer (yes, incl david's finale.) heh.

alrighty, off to church! and then to study like SIOW. be back after the 15th.

here're the photos:


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