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"But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever." - Psalms 52:8

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

let me tell u a story...

i'm stuck at home studying for a test. though i don't have a date, i was actually invited to a singles party! ok, maybe not so much of a 'party'... but. never mind. i cannot go.

so i'm at home, all saturated and unthinking, so i decided to unwind here.

the couple were going home after the school celebration of 'Friendship Day' (coz the principal's really uptight about calling it 'Valentine's Day' - as if calling it as such will result in loads of abortions the next month)

so as they were walking to the interchange, the girl turns and says, 'hey, so, some junior gave you something eh? *jibe*jibe* so what is it?'

the guy gets all red-faced (he's a blusher) and stammers, 'huh? what, IT'S NOTHING LA. she just... just... er.'

'likes you? a lot??'

'no la... why ask? are u jealous?'

'WHAT? ME?! NO. NOOOO. (you see, the fact that she was speaking so loudly gave her away.) uh, anyway, lemme see what she gave u.'

the boy reluctantly takes the box out and passes it to the girl. however, the girl, being the world's supremely biggest butter-fingers, opens the box the wrong way around... and drops the bottle of stars.


boy: *gasp* 'i knew it! you're JEALOUS!'

and the girl dies of mortification. i swear, it wasn't done on purpose. really.


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