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"But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever." - Psalms 52:8

Monday, September 25, 2006

i finally have free time!!

you know, in the past 4 months, i've learnt something.


however, applying it seems to be the hard part.


anyway, i've had my honours project presentation (part I) , and i found out one thing about myself - i suck at presentations, i get serious stage fright, and once i lose my head, i speak in only one language...


yeah, as you can tell, my presentation went straight to the dogs. i may get kicked out of the project coz my prof now has proof that i know nothing at all!

ah well, i'm feeling resigned. it's all in God's hands. and if this project is taken from me, so be it.

i am secure!!



thank God for the weekend to unwind.

as usual, it's the time of the year when it's both flabby and daddy's birthday.

(i need your pictures, furple!!)

we headed down to the Copthorne Waterfront for the weekend on saturday. the plan was to swim before the others arrived but... we got lazy.

so most of the time we were just sitting around the room, playing card games, watching a lot of HBO (entourage!!! yay!), and downing white wine (omg good stuff), vodka mandarins and sips of choya (blehhh *wrinkly face*).

and we had this snack - Table Water. everyone was like 'oh it's so good! so nice!'

i thought it tasted like sawdust. yucks. i had to force myself to finish the whole thing. it's like eating flour. or plain biscuit without the flavouring. um, baked flour. *shudder*

don't come and tell me it's an acquired taste.

well, so there was loads of drinking and laughing over Taboo (beavis and buttcrack!) until it was 1230am and we decided to actually do something that was planned on our original itinerary - go clubbing!

flirt decided not to go, so the rest of us girls went to change.

i brought my off-shoulder black top. from mango.

furple came out of the bathroom wearing her off-shoulder black top.

i started laughing.

then, flirt emerged from the bathroom wearing her off-shoulder black top, which was also from mango (but different cutting and material though).

i laughed even harder.

WHAT ARE THE ODDS MAN??? hahahahahahaha

i wanted a picture taken, but they were all quite grumpy about the fashion faux pas. and it was flirt's birthday so i had to change into something else. thank goodness i had a spare top.


we went down to butter factory, which is apparently owned by coco latte's former owners.

the music was good! good radio friendly rnb and hiphop. they played old school!! yay!!!! (jump around!)

we left early though. i'm so gonna go back there... someday. *reality hits* maybe after i graduate. T_T

ugh, apparently i was snoring. damn tired la!


the next day it was daddy's turn. said bye to the girls and hopped down to town to meet my family.

we went to waraku for lunch!

good stuff. and value for money too! it was only $60 for all 4 of us.

i really miss spending time with my family. i wake up after everyone's left for work/camp, and get home after everyone's asleep. or sometimes i just stay in school.

sigh. this is probably why i won't really be that unhappy if this project's taken away. or if i never make it as a researcher. the time commitment is too high, and the fact that i haven't gotten any results is pretty much the downer.

oh well, we'll see how.


alrighty! shall not mope. i'm going swimming! and then off to another birthday party... for 2 people! so fun. :D


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