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Friday, October 27, 2006

pirates!! ARRRRRRRR

before i get into pirate mode, here is the link to can-can's blog for the Lantern Festival 2006 pictures!! XD


i was a pirate today! :)

it was so fun. i only did it because i heard they were giving away an ipod to the winner of the best-dressed pirate competition, haha!
(but they didn't... and i didn't win.)

we had a Microbiology Welcome Tea today, and the theme was the 'Parasites of the Caribbean' (pirates of the caribbean... savvy?)

my prof, farty and i decided to dress up.

ok, actually it was more like a 'eh, if one dress up the rest must also dress up coz i don't wanna look like a dolt' kinda thing.

then my prof showed me a picture of a man dressing up as a pirate - wow, the inspiration hit me so hard, i went straight home and got all excited. i found EVERYTHING i needed (thanks to my dad's shirt, mom's vest, adrean's army boots, and my many shawls).

i even brought my eyeliner to give farty kohl-lined eyes, a moustache and a goatee.

oh! oh!! and the phantom of the opera video i was mentioning?? we screened it during the entertainment section, and the response was...

so good!!

it felt fantastic to have people laughing, coz we were afraid that what seemed funny to us, might not be funny to others, eh? thank goodness it worked. however if you watch it, you probably won't think it's that funny, coz it was geared towards the life science people. haha, but yes, great fun.

ok enough talk!! video and pictures, comin' up! XD

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ok, not exactly 'ARRRRRRRR' material...

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i was in the midst of rolling my eyes lar.

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we are gonna rob ye!!

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ARRRRRRRRRR!!! that's all!!!


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