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Monday, October 01, 2007

i am SO SORRY, dear aribin...

for making you watch 'I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry' with me.

you were so sweet to let me choose this horrendous headache-inducing film, even though we saw that the ratings on was a whopping 13% (omg)...

and even though you would've gone with Brit humour 'Death at a Funeral' or campy gun flick 'Shoot 'Em Down'... which i was sure not only you, but i would've enjoyed.

i'm sorry for making u sit through this (and for 2 hours, no less!) simply because i chose to listen to a total of TWO reviews from these 2 guys who told me it was hilarious.

i was so not laughing. replace laughing with cringing at all the bad lines and bad jokes... T_T

it's not that there were no funny moments at all. there was the (insert asian? accent) 'it is a ciiiircle. it is not a triangle, with all the corners, but it's a ciiiircle.' and the soap bit. i laughed! i did! then i wondered...

why am i laughing at jokes that are 50% rob schneider???


i was quite stumped... what was so funny to these 2 guys??

then on hindsight, i do realize that these 2 guys i got the good reviews from...

1 was probably on a movie date (and after living with him for so long, i know he likes slapstick). hence, you know... when you're on a one on one date with a girrrrl, that you liiiiiike, you tend to... be extra happy... and therefore the world is a wonderful place and everything is funny.


yar hor!!!

2nd guy was on a confirmed date (coz i saw them bouncing hands!! teeheehee. you know who you are~ *nudge*nudge*wink*wink*)! aiyah, i'm guessing it MUST BE a first ever movie date... no wonder all his judgement went haywire...



after tearing the movie down, alvin and i moved on to a much more serious topic:

a: i'm not sure if i think jessica biel is hot.

v: *agrees* mmm. i prefer eva mendes. jessica biel has more horse face than eva mendes.

a: eh please lor, even she cannot beat jennifer garner. wah lau eh, jennifer garner has so much horse face... she's like a My Mega Pony.



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