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Sunday, May 25, 2008

our 367th day together

this is a rather backdated post. teehee.

so alvin and i were all excited about taking leave on wednesday to celebrate our anniversary together. we'd planned to go to downtown east; we'll have food and entertainment at the new E-hub thingie, but the highlight of the day was


yeah we both haven't been there and we're have a common love for thrill rides (though we admit we're shit scared everytime we take a ride)... so why not?

this is us on the way to Escape... we were so excited man!!

and guess what?


oh trust me, i checked the website ok. it's so vague! they should just put there: ONLY OPEN ON PUBLIC HOLS AND SCHOOL HOLS.

wow, so many people who've been to Escape told me it sucks. i haven't even been there and i've already been burnt!

i was pretty bummed out. but dear, dear alvin was ever so positive and smiley so he squished away all my frownies by huggles!! XD

(ooh mushy moment. even i'm grossed out, but yeah i speak like that when i'm with him... sometimes only lar.)

anyways we know we can do nothing and still have a great time together, so our super kickass first anniversary date plan was dumped and we hit the theatres.

3 times.

haha, yeah we had the whole day to ourselves! what to do?

after 'what happens in las vegas' (i really hope u stayed till the end) we spotted a promo prop at some deserted corner.

so alvin and i became king and (manly) queen for a 'mo.

we had took a short break at Gelare (half priced waffles!!!) before catching the next movie...


i really liked it and so did alvin. it kept us at the edge of our seat!! *zoom zoom*

so when we left the theatre, we had all that adrenaline inside us which made us itch to do some crazy driving.

to the arcade we went, for some Daytona. and other random bishi-bashi/racing/shooting games; i love the motorbike one. other than the point where i had to climb onto the bike, i felt really seh most of the time. wahahahahahahaha.

we spent $20 in one hour. *faints*

the only 'theme park'-ish moment of the day... sigh.

dinner was at Fresh Bulgogi!

our final movie, 'over her dead body' was so ... ugh... bad...

AND, that concludes our huge date. which was still simple fun, nonetheless. it helped that the whole place was pretty empty, and because alvin was there!!! XD


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