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"But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever." - Psalms 52:8

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Manic Saturday

i woke up this morning with a happy feeling in my tummy.

'david and jade's arrived!! :DDD'

it was supposed to be a relaxed saturday, for me to just pop over to melville for cell group, followed by some babysitting at the adults' harvest event also at melville.

i had a WONDERFUL time at cell group with aileen, ingrid and nel. it's gotten better since nel came back, and WOW cell is so relaxing and peaceful since.

i. am. loving. it.

cell ended at around 4pm, but aileen and i had some time to kill before babysitting at 6pm, so we decided to pop over to my place for some RAWK BAAAAAAAAND.

watching her try her hand at the drums was entertaining, but being around while she tried to sing 'pretty fly for a white guy' was downright hilarious. i heart my cell leader.

YOU GO, GIRL!! *ROAR* (that's how she triggers off her 'star power' thingamajig while playing... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA) adrean was just curled up on our sofa laughing his head off.

just as we were packing up to leave for melville, i checked my phone. hmm, kelda msged. not very common.

'Hey. David is back with jade. They wana go ktv tonite bout 9. u wana go?'



"YES!! :D"

but before ktv, babysitting was insane!! i ran so much and shouted so much my voice was all raspy and i think at one point i was even hyperventilating. woah. i r old.

but the children were greeeeaaaaat. cute little muffins, all of them. *huggle*

i cabbed down from melville coz i left pretty late, but thank God there was a free slot of 3 hours for the Japanese room at Cash Studios (i spotted one at Simpang Bedok!! *happiness*). since i was the first to arrive, i just sat on the sofa waiting for everyone to appear. and the first to burst through the door was j-j-jade!!! we had a minor squealing moment but the major squealage came from david tan (trying to provide some sound effects i think).

it is still weird to see you, Jade, in real life. i reckon chatting on msn almost everyday for the past few months didn't help. and *gasp* u have an accent!! i've always translated your messages into a singaporean slang in my mind, HAHA!

ok, david don't be sad; i was happy to see you too. :D

so here's the horror from ktv: mr david 'i can sing like a lady' tan

(the videos are not loading on youtube!!! check back again later please.)

this is the absolute best experience, all of the boys chipping into a BSB tune. and PHWOAR, weiyi have you been practising???

i think i might've sprained my diaphragm. but it was cool, jade and i know loads of songs. *wiggles eyebrows*





MAN! it's so good to see everyone again! i also had a fantastic chat with jon on the way home. dude, i've really missed you too!

for more adventures of erm, the bunch of us... stay tuned! things will probably just suddenly happen! again!

i am very, very happy. :)


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