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"But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever." - Psalms 52:8

Monday, December 15, 2008

sleigh bells that represent present giving!

woah i accomplished much today.




i actually managed to clear my room of all that junk in the corner (but only the corner junk). chekkit out!!


all that's left are my expired Konapun donuts, takopachi and cake shops. anybody wanna play?

and i think my gift wrapping skills are legendary... in a bad sense of the word. these are for my girls at tomorrow's party. :)


i even managed to reach town on time to go for a high tea buffet at Carousel with my department. it was such a lousy buffet though. ugh. never going back there again.

and again, UGH.

after all that lousy food, alvin sped down to town to look for me!! YAY!! i was just going to walk around town looking for presents for two particular persons, but in the end alvin and i bought enough for 9!!! haha. and none for the two in mind. distracted, as usual!

all thanks to the takashimaya toy fair. we're such suckers for it every year. heheh.

the gigantic mickey glove!



the gigantic polar bear (which we have a smaller version of, and we call it Beary! yes, i know we aren't very original. he's alvin's substitute whenever alvin goes overseas so Beary's with me now! i love his heavy paws.)



heh, i wonder who this is going to...


extremely pretty packaging. once i realized that gift wrapping was FREE, i made a beeline for the queue even before alvin asked 'are we gift wrapping?'

i have such sad skillz as compared to this:


where is he "move it" moving it to? heheheh.


i got very excited (like the boy on the box) and thought about emmanuel immediately. how? should i get this for him? it's $79.90 discounted from a price of $299.90.



i am absolutely loving the season of giving. =)



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