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Monday, December 15, 2008

wassup with this weather???

with this kinda weather i can't go anywhere!! gah!

but i can wear my extremely warm jacket that would normally kill me in singapore! *always look on the bright side of life! (whistling)*

david and jade came to visit at FCBC. chekkit!!


looks extremely like wally here.


woo! i love the background here!


poor jade was struggling with some sinus problems due to:

1. lack of sleep
2. over exertion in KTV
3. uncommonly cold weather in sg
4. crazy aircon vents in the expo

they left for dinner soon after! :)


emmanuel was rather hyper yesterday which made him a handful but he was smiling loads, so out came my camera!



aww he's such a cutie pie. i probably won't forget him cramming that last gummy that was meant for jacq into his mouth in one defiant swoop. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! he even laughed evil-y while chewing his gummy.


ALVIN IS HOME!!! and after traipsing through terminal 2 for, what, 3 hours? i bought him this!!


i ADORE kedai kue kue.


acks, so many things undone!! oh noes!

monday: pack my room, throw out old clothes (so i can buy more muahahaha), wash all the stuff alvin bought from bangkok, round up the numbers of kids coming for tomorrow's party, wrap my presents for the kids, prepare games to discuss with jacq, call ashley and order cupcakes, call aileen and give her the numbers, prepare my testimony, go for high tea with the department and meet alvin!!! (GASP, CHOKE)

tuesday: decorate the room, have the party, meet jade and kel for some hard core shopping while i search for more presents (hey maybe we can hit vivocity, they've got almost every brand under one roof. i'm free from 4pm!)

wednesday: need to collect my belt from chinatown, japanese buffet that mustn't be forgotten, watch bolt 3D with tricia (david and jade u wanna come?), NIGHT SAFARIIII

thursday: rawk band parteh, full day.

friday-sunday: retreat at relc (and carollingggg)

ok i think it's do-able. ONTO MONDAY!!!


  • At Tuesday, December 16, 2008 3:23:00 PM, Blogger Jade said…


    nomnomnom foooooood

    yes looking for
    a) glasses
    b) dresses
    c) sandals

    that's my shopping list...i believe firmly that you can never have too many DRESSES :D mauahahahaha!
    yar and sorry i was a bit cranky on sunday hahahahah :D

    eh...also...i cannot find the meiji strawberrychocolate thingy... :( sad jade.

  • At Thursday, December 18, 2008 10:47:00 AM, Blogger feline said…

    alright u should have a shopping list!!

    we are now lacking of more sandals, perhaps? and meiji strawberry chocolate.

    dresses, done! glasses, done! XD

    we ought to have a chinatown day!! for accessories! call me out when you're free and i'll take half day leave or something dearie!

    ('tis the season to not go to werk.)


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