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Sunday, April 12, 2009

fun at tampines 1

oh, what a wonderful day! i cannot believe i am THIS crazy about a heartland mall... but tampines 1 is great. and i had such a wonderful time with mummy!

my mom and i strode through the first floor checking out solitaire rings at sookee and lee hwa, where we swopped ideas on which type of rings we liked (she offered me her wedding ring!!! O_O only coz she cannot wear anymore la. and it's the matt kind of gold that i like. haha, yay! and she also offered to be alvin's advisor because '我很会选戒指'. alrighty!)

we were just being washed along with the crowd, since the mall just opened on thursday, and we wandered from store to store. it was ok i guess, the toilets were clean, they were a lot less 'ching-chong' (as xinwei calls it) than the shops at iluma (actually... the mall name iluma also very beng man... 'eh ai ke iluma mai?'). they have outfitter girls, BAKERZIN! (:D), springfield, dorothy perkins and topshop/man... and then this really cheap (maybe for this weekend only) shop which i don't know the name to.

and of course they have uniqlo, where my mum and i spent 20 minutes queuing just to get in. yeah, i dragged my very reluctant mum in. but it was all cool, coz i bought a polo tee ($30) and 2 short sleeved shirts for $7 each, for alvin! so cheap. and also a pair of skorts and a scarf for myself. :D:D:D my first scarf!! it's so japanese. heeheehee.

by the time adrean came to meet us for dinner it was pretty late (we'd spent too much time at uniqo, oops), so we went over to sushi tei for a quick bite. mummy was all 'eh don't eat me dry ah.' after our combined efforts to whine and get her to pay for our meal. *snigger*

really! just think about it: a 23 year old and a 26 year old standing at the entrance of sushi tei, pulling at their mum's hand and going, 'please la mummy, please please the food here is very good, please please please please *puppy eyes*'

well, it could be one of my last opportunities to whine to my mum, so might as well la huh?

but the food was only ok. my excitement over the food choices only came after dinner. thank goodness for my mum.

there was this manpuku japanese place that is of the same concept at shokudo but having unsatisfactory experiences at shokudo has made me think, 'i will wait and see about this restaurant.'

my hyper craziness came when we went to topshop. we strode past this place called Say Cheeze and i noticed they had this glass display for their... what's that? cheesecake? hmm... over the glass panel writes 'Say Cheezecake' -


(secretly thanks God i will never have to go all the way to great world city just to have a good slice of new york cheesecake anymore.)

then we went to basement 1 where...

THEY HAVE CARL'S JUNIOR!!! *clappy clappy*


RIVE GAUCHE??!?!??!??!?! PATISSERIE??!?!?!?

*zooms in for the strawberry shortcake*

(secretly thanks God i will never have to go all the way to taka just to have strawberry shortcake anymore.)

then i turn around while waiting for the lady to pack my cake - wait, that sign... being blocked by the pillar... the font is so familiar... is it... is it...



*zooms in for the red bean kue and er, the rectangular green paste with rice*

(secretly thanks God i will never have to go all the way to terminal 2 just to have my kueh-fix anymore.)

this whole discovery of all the fantastic eating places that have opened a branch at tampines 1 happened in the space of only 20 minutes. it's some wonder my stomach didn't explode in sudden gastronomical want.

and yay. i have plenty of reasons to go to tampines now. :D


oh yes i almost forgot. a somewhat private joke:

1. i met jeric at tampines 1. (the coincidence!)
2. he was wearing his uniqlo shirt.
3. guess how i knew.

ingrid, nel, aileen and colin should know. teehee.


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