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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


oh wow, there's no way to describe how crazy and stressful the last 5 days were. sleepless nights, shooting out of bed in worry for 2 mornings back to back, and sleeping at 1am (earliest) for 3 nights... waiting for all the ryokans i contacted to reply, making calculations of the best value for money accommodations... and one of the most beautiful ryokans i've ever seen was fully booked forcing us to change everything in 2 hours!!! T_T


Tokyo - Sonehouse
Price: 3,040Y per night, for 7 nights

Why we chose it: has the bare minimum, has ensuite bathroom so we don't have to share with other travellers, really cheap, and situated in Shinjuku

Osaka - Carpe Diem
Price: 4,725Y per night, for 2 nights

Why we chose it: accommodation prices are more expensive in Osaka than in Tokyo! which came as a shock to us. this place is also an old restored building and we're getting an entire wing to ourselves with bathroom facilities attached. and it's beautiful and a good price for staying in central Osaka.

(this is the picture of the japanese garden within the compound, taken by a visitor who was staying at Carpe Diem)

Kobe (yes we're going up to Kobe!)/Arima Onsen town - Hyoe Koyokaku
Price: a whopping 19,050Y per night, for 1 night (i
nclusive of breakfast and dinner)

Why we chose it: Arima is one of the top three onsen areas in Japan and Hyoe is the top resort there. also because we can wear our yukatas and stroll through their town (and it won't be weird). and we get to have crap loads of kobe beef during our kaiseki (traditional) dinner. alvin was positively whining for this to happen. ('I IS WAN MAI ONSENNNNNNNNNNNN... AND KAISEKIIIIII... T_T')

and actually the price is pretty good! the top onsen in hakone is more expensive, less of a reputation (although it's near mt fuji) and they serve kobe beef only sometimes.

(these pictures are from someone else's trip to Hyoe - seems like their dinner is so huge they had to split it up into 3 portions - this is the Kobe beef shabu shabu course. they have another course which is the Kobe beef grill. which one should we have... hmm...)


and yey it's time for me to sit back, kiao kah, and let alvin plan the food, hanbin to plan the best and cheapest travelling routes... and er, chuuling to... er...

say yes to all our suggestions?

haha, you slacker!!


  • At Wednesday, April 22, 2009 10:47:00 AM, Anonymous Chuu said…

    As i was saying to Alvin yesterday, I LOVE my role as the slacker audience!! =D But I volunteered myself as entertainment. You can make fun of me when we are waiting for buses and trains and stuff (like u all always do anyways.) HAHAHA!!!

  • At Wednesday, April 22, 2009 10:58:00 AM, Blogger feline said…

    bah! we should make u pay for a meal or something.

    A GOOD MEAL OF SHABU SHABU!! (with pantsu pls.)


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