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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Avon Moisture Therapy Spree

i lost my chapstick at the last clubbing experience so my lips are really wrinkly and peeling like crazy right now.

it's so bad that alvin has to keep slapping my straying hands away from peeling my lips.

i cannot do without my Moisture Therapy, and i can only get it from the USA, through ebay and in bulk, so i was wondering...

do YOU want to try this chapstick? since i'm thinking of getting 3 tubes (SO I WILL NEVER LOSE IT AGAIN!!!!! I WILL PUT IT IN EVERY BAG I HAVE!!!!) i may get one lot of 5 or 10, depending on your demand.

here's the review.

here's the ebay seller i'm buying from: Ms. Jesus-saves (lot of 10)

here're the rough calculations on how much one stick will cost:

Price of 10 chapsticks: USD8.99
Shipping: USD3.65

Total for 10 sticks in USD: 12.64
Cost of 1 stick in USD: 1.264

so depending on the exchange rate, the stick can either cost between SGD1.99 to SGD2.05.

shall we just round off and say $2.00? that's damn cheap!

ok let me give my own personal review. i've been using it for very, very long; since the days before i even started spreeing - one tube lasts me forever. it's got a very faint fresh taste that i really, really like... and you know how some lip balms make your lips flake after awhile?

this one doesn't! which is great. and most importantly it has spf15!


if you want one stick or two, just drop a message in my comments box k? don't worry, you'll only pay when i pass you your stuff.

this spree (haha!) will close this Friday. since we're all pals u can search me out on msn to ask me as well. thanks babes!



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