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"But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever." - Psalms 52:8

Sunday, April 12, 2009


i was going through my feeds and saw yuhui got a nice pair of headphones for her 21st!

which reminded me of my half-want to get a pair myself for long-wear. my ie8s hurt my ears after approximately 1 hour because of their clunky shape.

NOT THAT I WOULD SELL THEM OR ANYTHING, OF COURSE. they are still very much 'my precious'.

but it'd be nice to have a pair of headphones because they're non-intrinsic/intrusive, and may provide comfort and a large soundstage.

to cut the long story short, alvin appealed to my aesthetics and showed me this!

click here it is not spam.

and i made these!





honestly, i'd only wear the last one coz i'm not exactly very adventurous in my design skillz (what if everything looks like crap!!!) but girls, this website is so for us man.

especially to nel (who saw it and went ARGHHHH TEH PRETTINESS!!!) and jolene. and maybe yuhui if you're interested - alvin says the sound is comparable to the ATH-FC700. :)

but that being said, i won't be getting this because i want these!!


the cups are quite large, so hopefully they can engulf my ears in them, and block out the noise. and the reviews for these are pretty good (according to alvin).

maybe one day when i have the time to try them out and WHEN i have money...


wah lau. yesterday damn paiseh.

we were just done unpacking at dennis and dellia's new place and about to go home but alvin had forgotten his water bottle, so i sent zhixiong, yvonne and lennel down the lift first while i waited for alvin.

the poor boy was so tired out - rushing to the dentist, discovering some potentially horrifying dental news (we shall see in a week), rushing to work, then going straight from marine parade - NUS - simei to help the Tans move house.

(while his girlfriend was at home nursing/napping away a headache. it. is. not. a. hangover!)

alvin was working so hard the entire day, and since i felt really bad for not being there with him for the moving like i was supposed to, and SINCE WE WERE ALONE IN THE LIFT, i decided i should show some appreciation!

'bebbie! good job today!' *throws my arms out wide for a hug*

alvin was so tired he couldn't move so i leaned on him to wrap my arms around his waist and gave him a squeeze.


i realized...

we're only on the third floor.

this is an upgraded lift.

the doors


glass panels...... NO!!!!!!!!


on the outside, lennel, zhixiong and yvonne were completely like this -


and on the inside, my face (i was still in the hugging position) was like this -

-_- (shoots.)

as the doors opened zhixiong and yvonne just started laughing their heads off while lennel was like 'uh, uh, uh... *damn paiseh want to laugh but dunno what to do smile*'




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