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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Japan Itinerary

it's been crazy!! we knew the promotion through Alanna (thank you so much girl!!) on Thursday, did some crazy-ass leave and pastor approval-asking on Thurs night (alvin's fingers went numb, hahaha!), persistently persuaded Chuuling on Friday morning, then bought our tickets (for 4 of us, yay!) on Friday afternoon.

it's been about a day since then, and we already have a list of ryokans (futon lodging), places of interest, and what travelling passes we're going to get. and it feels absolutely great finding out more and more about Tokyo through japan-guide which is an insane mass of information - was reading through their train systems and discussing travel details with Hanbin and asking Alanna for itinerary tips till 2am in the morning. *yawn*

here's what we have so far. I'M SO PSYCHED!!!!!!! coz we're going to Osaka too!!! *wriggles*

travel dates: 11th - 21st May (yes, we went a little overboard and got a 11 day trip instead of 9. but no matter la, we'll just spend more...)

11th (mon):
arrival at Narita (2:05pm), check into ryokan, travel by walking around the neighbourhood and familiarizing ourselves

12th (tues):
Disneyland (plus Wai and Alanna; meeting up in Tokyo is awesome!!)

13th (wed):
Disneysea! (plus Wai and Alanna)

14th (thurs):
Fish market (morning), Shibuya (woohoo Harajuku and ganguro girls!!)

15th (fri):
Akihabara + cosplay cafe (Hanbin's requirement) + no pantsu shabu shabu (also his suggestion *shudder*)

16th (sat):
though there're no more cherry blossoms, it's FESTIVAL WEEKEND!!! i wonder if i can wear my yukata. hmm. ANYWAYS, it's Sanja Matsuri day!! :D Info here.

17th (sun):
er, free day? maybe more festivals (since the Sanja Matsuri lasts from Thurs - Sun), or shopping...

we wanted to go to a capsule hotel but i think we'll scrap it.

18th (mon):
OSAKA via shinkansen (bullet train)!! perhaps onsen-ryokan (hot spring stayover! with lunch and dinner whee!)

19th (tues):
Osaka aquarium, Osaka castle, all the touristy spots for 2700 yen!

20th (wed):
more touristy spots for the same 2700 yen!

21st (thurs):
temple sale if there's time, then shinkansen back to tokyo-narita, then HOME!!

expenses -

airfare - $475
accomodation - around $53 per night, 10 nights + splurging at an onsen-ryokan = $650
food - $20 per meal, 2 meals a day for 11 days = $440, rounded up to $600

travelling is a bitch, see 2 plausible plans below:

1. 37320 yen (~$566)

tokyo day pass (1580 yen x 4)

15th - 21st:
JR rail pass, which allows us on all JR lines (incl shinkansen, subway, buses) fr 7 days (28300 yen) [3 hour shinkansen ride from tokyo to osaka and back again included]

additional: osaka 2 day pass (2700 yen)

2. 35970 yen (~$545 plus we save on accomodation for one night which makes savings about $70)
tokyo day pass (1580 yen x 7)

travelling overnight from tokyo to osaka via bus (8 hours) - 7610 yen

18th - 20th:
osaka day pass + 2 day unlimited pass (850 + 2700 yen)

shinkansen back to tokyo (13750 yen)




$2300!!!!!!!!!!! ALREADY!!!!!!

thank goodness the Burberry's Blue Label collection this season is not eye-catching to me at all. *phew*

ok the next update will be when i settle which ryokans in tokyo and osaka specifically, and consolidate the fees for all the attractions.

google is my best friend. =)


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    These are the bst places of Japan that evereyone wants to there.


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