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Saturday, October 24, 2009

meet my two new best friends

... etsy and pantone. i'll be with them this entire weekend because of my indecision.

alvin and i met our ID (interior designer), faith, early this week and saw the colour scheme she and her partner had picked out for us. it was a lot of beige and white, a very neutral palette. which is nice...

... but i didn't love it. i remember sitting there and going... wow this is... not making my heart sing at all... :(

so i asked about taupe walls, but was suggested taupe accessories instead, and i was cowed by the fact that hey i have no design skills, and these two are designers man! so i caved and agreed with the original beige scheme.

straight after we left the office, i turned to alvin and frowned. he went, 'omg dear if you want something why didn't you say so??'

'i tried!! but i felt like i was being veto-ed.'

'so how? let's go back and tell faith to change?'

'huh... i feel bad...'

in the end i decided to accept what the designers had. for that night.


fast forward to last night: i was going through etsy (as usual) and favorite-ing pieces that i love but have no money to buy, when i came across paintings and home decor. as usual, i opened tabs, wow-ed at choice objects, and thought about how nicely it would fit into the new house...

then i realized that the colour scheme and design of the house is pretty modern and will clash with almost everything i love. i was crushed.

but that was also the point when i felt a surge of decisiveness and told alvin that I NEED TO DECORATE THE PLACE MY WAY. because once it's done... it's too late to change anything anymore, and i really want to be able to love my home, not have a designer house.

and alvin was right in one thing - to show our designers what we wanted and they're there to help tie in everything together. the reason why everything is delayed was because i wasn't decisive nor clear about what i wanted.

so now i'm going to make a collection of accessories and colours that i love, and give it to faith by monday.

there's no time to waste! i will also post choice images when i find them! :D


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