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"But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever." - Psalms 52:8

Monday, February 01, 2010

i am aunty vivien.

my cousin got married over the weekend, so it was a huge chance to meet the family. (even better than CNY)

but all the children were afraid of me! coz aunty vivien stays in the east (they're all in the west, bukit panjang, jurong... jurong... jurong... -.-) so she doesn't see them very often - and that really sucks because they're all incredibly cute.

yes... even pui-zai.

so during the wedding i kept running after them for a hug and a kiss... gosh they have short legs but they can really run. T_T

no matter! we all met again the next day at a family chalet, since my cousin and her family flew in from australia.

and thank goodness i'm getting married next year instead, so it's not so taxing for her to come back to singapore.

surprisingly, ethan, the quietest of the lot (also the nephew chuuling and i share) came running at me and happily let me carry him and take pictures of him! i grabbed the chance to hug him, yay!

shannon, also another one that keeps running from me, plopped unto the sofa next to me and played a hand game. she is... loud. her voice is louder than her brother's. O_O

shannon's 7, and leon/pui-zai is 11. they're siblings. there was a moment where we sat down and talked.

me: 'shannon ah. you forgot who i was yesterday right?'

shannon shied away and giggled. then in all seriousness she turned back and said, 'ACTUALLY AH. YARRR!!! I FORGOT!!! DUNNO WHO YOU ARE!!!'

wah lau eh sibei dua sia... *ears ringggg*

other quips -

'how come or cek ('black uncle', aka adrean coz of his dark skintone HAHAHAHA) need to do homework but you no need? you're in university what!'

'what are you wearing? how come it's a dress? then GOT SHORTS? WHAT'S THAT! EEYUR! WHY SO WEIRD!' (i was wearing a jumper... it's not weird okay! *huffy*)

also linked to the jumper - 'YOU LOOK LIKE A STAR FISH.'


shannon: i know how to spell mountain! M... O... N...

leon and i: WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!

she bursts out laughing, thank goodness.


then their other cousins arrived, a brood of 3. and here're most of them at the swing! clockwise from me: JJ (aussie), ethan, yasmine (aussie), damien (brood of 3), his sister jieyi, and shannon.

missing: leon (at other swing, all alone, coz he's 'older and will not play with these children') and haofeng (brood of 3), who was standing where the camera man was.



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