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Sunday, July 04, 2010

batch #2

so a few days after the first batch, i went through the UO site again and found a 15% discount coupon! and the best thing of all, 2 of the items that went out of stock CAME BACK IN STOCK.

the elusive grey version of the lace panel tee. SGD24

this went out of stock twice! nude floral tights! SGD16

eyeing these three items for awhile now... time to get! a structured skirt, and two dresses that suddenly went on sale yesterday!




and then i made a huge mistake and ordered the black peplum jacket AGAIN, forgetting it was already in my last order.

does anyone want a piece of this? i bought it in black, size M.

link to the site here.

let me know if you want it, i'm selling it at $58. no takers means i ship it back to USA for a refund, no problem! this is why i love urban outfitters - free returns! :)


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