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Sunday, July 04, 2010

a belated present to myself

a few days after my birthday, Urban Outfitters had a 20% discount coupon.

immediately, i went mad. i started adding
so many clothes to my cart, and then assessing them by price and reviews and available colours/sizes, then removing some, and then i realized during my exhaustive and methodical processes... some items went out of stock.

curses! *shakes fist*

oh well, these are what i bought :D


This could go into my bridal accessories folder. SGD11

So vintage and pretty - also, great reviews. SGD20


I like the lace panel on the sides of this top; just a little bit of feminine grunge.

this is just too cute to pass up.

i had wanted the grey one, but it was sadly out of stock by the time the discount came around. i wanted the ivory version as well, so i bought this first.

will look super cute tucked in. or with shorts, like what the model has on. SGD34


this skirt is really cheap... and such a pretty blue!

alternative trousers for work - SGD23


this is also filed under the wedding ideas folder. i love the elegant/saucy back! SGD78


cute jacket, and cheap. i bought this after my futile search for a nice jacket in sg. SGD55

i guess i wouldn't say it's cheap, but the prices are cheaper than clothes in sg of the same quality! i likey.


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