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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pre-wedding Photoshoot with BryanJean, Part 1 (Thursday: Prep)

the week after the ID photoshoot, it was part 1 with Bryan and Jean, our wedding photographers. it's official, they're also our AD guys now WOOHOO!!!!

i'm very very very excited about working with them because we love the same style - southern cali!! when i spoke to Jean for the first time, her eyes started
shining when she talked about Green Wedding Shoes!!

i love doing weird things, as my colleagues put it. like the Bukit Timah Saddle Club one, location was very important. it just so happened that the ID shoot w
as planned for the 12th, and BryanJean suggested the 18th for the bridal so it completely worked out that we should just take pictures at Homie! i still remember the happiness that flowed when i looked at how timely everything was. oh man, it felt so great to know that God is in control the whole time.

we still had a few things to get right - we hadn't cleaned up Homie from the last shoot because we were so dead tired that when we tried on sunday, we fell dead asleep on the couch for 3 hours straight. we only woke up when alvin's family came over.

then the inevitable happened.

the canvas fell off and alvin's dad who was standing at the corner probably got shocked and knocked into our curtain tie back
which also fell off. the canvas really wasn't done well so we had it coming. and thank goodness i had already prepared to take leave on thursday because we also had the pump to repair again. oh well. busy week ahead again i guess.

i also received fantastic news on saturday in the midst of our ID shoot - the cupcake stands were ready!!! just in time! i love u geraldine, i really do. because you promised and you delivered, and you let me have first pick. and u made it so easy for us to collect the stands.

on monday it was valentine's day - i was meeting alvin for dinner anyway AND HE WAS SO CUTE. he went home to change after reservist an
d came all dressed up. *squeal* then we went to eat at ambush (it has reappeared in taka, but isn't as great as before) and then set out for Tangs after grabbing some blackforest ice cream (u gotta try, corner shop next to the donuts at taka basement). initially alvin was worried that it'd be incredibly crowded since it's valentine's day but Tangs was empty as i'd expected. i mean, all the couples will be stuck in restaurant queues/at home - department stores will surely be empty. hohoho.

then we found our cake stand with dome. it was the last piece, and came with a surprise 20% discount! btw, the rocker bench and outdoor set from Lalu were also the last piece (really, i even tested the shop assistants to check if they were bluffing. they weren't.) so we were lucky in a sense. (we get discounts because of that, yay, hehe). i must announce: the cake dome was purchased by way of Tangs vouchers that were expiring, bequeat
hed to us by a certain Ms. Angel Yeo two christmases ago.

so now u know what i bought using your vouchers, angel! A VERY PRETTY CENTREPIECE (and 2 forks and 4 spoons to make up $50+).

this being the 2nd consecutive week with major plans, i was quite zonked from cleaning Homie over and over. even on Thursday i cleaned a little in the morning and set the table (oh, so prettyyy), but after the curtain tie-back was repaired i was stuck. should i go for a manicure and try to rush back by 4pm for the repair of the pump, or let alvin handle it and go get all the cakes for display?

the cakes won out in the end; i knew the cakes were more important and i had about 3 hours to get everything done, so off i went - screw the manicure, i'll do it on my own.

i had an amazing trip. once i reached the bus stop, 48 came and brought me to Bugis' doorstep. then i managed to find all that i needed at bugis junction (nail polish and foot peel), then bugis village (dorky glasses), then middle road which brought me to the bus stop for 64 to liang c

again, i ran just in time to hop unto the bus which brought me to the doorstep of liang court. so i popped into tampopo deli but ALAS, no cream puffs nor pont neuf! T_T

i bought some tarts and scoop cake, then i was stuck. where on earth to go next? this bunch of little cakes won't be enough! then i remembered taka basement - home of pastries and... strawberry shortcake. yes, one japanese store to another. the bus to taka was quite a distance away and i had... crap, 3 min!!

i didn't dare run (i have cakes pls don't fall down pls) so i just kept praying while i brisk walked, and i made it. it's really very far away so thank God!! can't believe i made it with time to spare too. :D

and then 143 dropped me right outside taka. wow is this awesome public transport day or WHAT?!

and of course, taka has everything. i bought Post cereal and strawberries for a
whole $3 cheaper than what was being sold at Meidi-Ya, bought some sausages, got beard papa's cream puffs instead (rather nostalgic, considering alvin and i used to share that as a cute snack), got taiyaki for alvin and i found PERLA'S and they had the chantilly cake for sale! top 50 cakes in sg, gotta try right? and er, i love their box.

i also got macarons (no tea setting is pretty without them) from Bakerzin and then mini donuts from the shop that used to be auntie anne's pretzels. and all these were paid for by daddy dearest, thanks to the fat ang bao i got after he struck 4D. :D

i was pretty amazed i managed to hit 3 areas and get everything done in 2.5 hours on public transport. also, none of the cakes were destroyed at all and the pump repair was shifted to friday morning, just before the shoot.

when i got to Homie, alvin arrived too and repaired our wall mount for the canvas! at first i was skeptical but he did a great job! yay for the development of a handy
husband! :D

i cleaned up the mess, of course. ugh all the sand and dust. eech. we were late for cell thanks to this clean up portion but well at least most of it was done.

here're some photos taken before i ran out of the house to run my errands.

table set-up! (i love our little tower lamp next to the sofa.)

those paper doily placemats actually came from the boxes used to pack the cake
stands. perfect size, so why not? in this table set-up it's a mish-mash of $2 daiso plates, free placemats, ikea finishings (vase, table runner and fake flowers) and dinnerware, wmf cutlery and a very expensive italian dining table plus kartell chairs.

i love the difference. hahaha.

and here's the fuuud :D:D:D

if you notice, i totally forgot to get some strawberry shortcake. I'M AN IDIOT. T_T

btw my nails turned out fantastic (by my standards).

it was an incredibly fruitful day! tomorrow - the pump repair, the makeup, the dresses and the shoot.


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