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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Jailbreak Joey and Cat-Shark Jay

i had hung out clothes out to dry in the sun, and settled down to do some work when i suddenly realized - the house is pretty quiet. i turned around to see Jay snoozing at his curtain corner...

is Joey with him? nope. on her cat tree...? nope. kitchen? bar counter? corridor window? NEGATIVE.

i shouted for her, and even shook the food container coz it's a surefire way to get her running out from wherever she's hiding. only Jay came bounding into the kitchen with excited nom-meows. crap.

'Joey? Joeeyyyyy??'

i thought i heard her typical squeak, so i went to check the parapet where i open the windows whenever i dry our clothes.

there she was, squashed between the outdoor aircon units and batting cement bits around. she looked up to see me, and squeaked as if saying 'hi mom, having a ball of a time - NOT COMING BACK YAY.'

Jay came running and mewed back at Joey, but she ignored him. she also ignored my attempts to lure her in with kibble, her favorite cat treat and the laser pointer.

the aircon man repairing the units diagonally upstairs was pretty amused as i climbed out, stepped on that dirty parapet and grabbed the unrepentant cat. she seemed pleased to be back at home but i had to wash her paws so she was quite indignant about that. i brought the clothes in and closed the windows.

and i thought that was that, eh?


it started raining - thank goodness i brought the clothes in and saved Joey before the storm.

after 2 minutes Joey came running out of the kitchen with her back wet. i found that really weird, coz i washed her paws, not her body. but i brushed it off; maybe she rolled in the leftover water in the toilet? she kinda likes playing with water, more than Jay at least.

she went back into the kitchen and i continued with my work.

in 5 minutes, Jay came up to me and mewed. it was different. i started to look for Joey and OF COURSE she was nowhere to be found again. i combed the area 3 times before i decided to go back to the parapet - BUT HOW CAN IT BE? THE WINDOW IS CLOSED!!!

there she was. she actually found the soft spot in the corner of the wire mesh that we just couldn't reinforce with cable ties and broke out through there. we usually use the litter scoop to block it, but when i found it askew i knew she'd discovered the escape route.

without hesitation i climbed out (in the rain, too) and grabbed that mangy cat. what the heck - she'd been sitting on the aircon unit and enjoying the rain drops. -_-"'

once i got back into the house i decided it was bath time. poor Jay - i wasn't gonna go through all that torture just for ONE cat. i dumped them both in the shower stall and sprayed away! thank goodness i didn't get scratched - the cats were probably too shocked by the deluge of water drowning them.

the kitchen door will be closed until we can do something about the plastic mesh. meanwhile, Jay has gotten over his shock and is circling my chair while making threatening meows and attempting to bite my feet. he's probably annoyed that he was the whistle-blower and yet he got punished for it.

on the upside - the cats' fur look great. le sigh.


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