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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Just Dance vs Dance Central

there is no fight. Dance Central beats the shit out of Just Dance. Just compare the two songs below:

SO DIFFERENT. Just Dance has too many repetitive moves but, man, they have such good songs! and why is it their dancers always look so... unkempt. their hair's all over the place and they look like they're wearing clothes from This Fashion. geez.

also, for Just Dance's version there's more of a full song experience (though they cut out the bridge for Only Girl - why ah? too much choreo?) while Dance Central shortens the song - but it's so freaking fast paced that if you do everything correctly and throw yourself into it the cardio workout is pretty intense.

and then there's this:

i love this song, and the choreo is... OKAY. i like the parts where you can face your partner to dance, that's a plus point, but there's so little of it. also, the female dancer is a poorer in performance as compared to the guy. she stumbles a little when she slides back in position.


there're other JD/DC overlaps like, Lena's 'Satellite', Britney's 'Toxic' (both covers, but the JD one is pretty annoying), Justice's 'D.A.N.C.E.', Benny Benassi's 'Satisfaction', and Bananarama's 'Venus'.

One thing's for sure - i wouldn't subject a gatecrashing bridegroom to Just Dance 3*.

*my friend's husband was made to do 'Venus' on DC during his gatecrash
in a straw skirt. awesome.



the good ones that i can stomach are Tik Tok, American Boy & ... no more. sigh.


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