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Monday, November 28, 2011

i've misjudged your character.

(i know it's been a month since Halloween but this story HAS to be shared!)

so for quite a number of years on the 31st of October, we've been participating in Trick-or-Treat at Woodgrove as we have a friend who stays there (one of the HereBeGeeks guys). It's always fun, never dull as we dress up for kicks and give away candy to the throngs of children.

we've been pirates, Kill Bill assassins, carnies, Scott Pilgrim characters & this year we paid homage to our favorite Kinect game - Dance Central!! (*excited!!* although nobody recognized us.)

so as usual, we got dressed up and lugged our giant gold boombox filled with treats to the gate and hollered, 'HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!' we even started dancing to DC songs - it was pretty LOL.

the mayhem began. children crowded around us, some really cute and dressed up, some incredibly gruesome... and there was a Dr Who and a creepily accurate Michael Jackson. we gave el cheapo sweets to those kids who didn't put in any effort (e.g. NO COSTUME, HOLDING A PLASTIC BAG) - like, hey don't degrade this ok? we're not here just to donate sweets leh.

the thing about Halloween at Woodgrove is that you get a whole range of people dressing up, from babies to toddlers, teens and even adults. family costumes are always amazing. we had a Batman (father) & Robin (son) duo - that was great!

BEST COSTUME had to go to this young dude who came around smiling benignly and shook everyone's hands. omg he was so in character, i knew what he was immediately - with all the General Elections that just took place this year it's not hard to guess - HE'S ACTING AS A YOUNG PAP MEMBER. he even gathered his friends to behave as his minders, WOW. WOW WOW WOW.

that, ladies and gentleman, is EFFING BRILLIANT.

i just gaped at him and told the others to check his mind-blowing act & 'costume' (light short sleeved shirt tucked into chinos; that is elegant execution - he doesn't even need to buy a costume!). even the rest noted how awesome his character was and we all agreed he should get more treats. yay, we finally have someone really deserving of our Reeses pieces!

he finally came around and i was so excited i yelled, 'HEY YOU LOOK GREAT MAN!! so who are you supposed to be?'

he shook my hand - well, all of our hands, actually, and said a name which i didn't catch. well, no matter, must be somebody in GRC or parliament that he resembles with his crew cut hairstyle. SO COOL LA, WAH LAU.

the rest of my pals were smiling and keeping up with the hoity-toity act and since i was the candy-giver, i offered him our best candy.

'here, have some! eh? where's your bag? hmm... it's ok i'll put them in your pocket. this is so awesome!!'

i stuffed the sweets into his chest pocket. his "minder" friend even tried to calm me down and restore a little decorum in my behavior. i loved it!!

but he politely dug his pocket and returned my sweets which made me genuinely confused. well... maybe he's really just like, cosplaying for kicks & not for the sweets, like us? looks around our age too... ah, no matter. HEY LOOK HE'S GIVING OUT NAME CARDS SHIT THIS IS AMAZINGLY INTO CHARACTER -

alarm bells started ringing. i could see the rest of my friends pause too, but in my excitement i ignored the bells and shouted, 'GOOD GRIEF YOU EVEN PRINTED NAME CARDS, you're damn into it la. respect man! ... HEY, YOU LOOK REALLY REALLY GREAT THIS EVENING! WOO! BEST COSTUME I'VE EVER SEEN!! :D' to his retreating back.

i turned back to my friends smiling. they looked stunned and confused.

me: what?

them: er, i think he was a real MP or a member of the GRC.

me: WHAT!! wai, you stay here. do you know him?! ... OH GOD WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME?!?!??!?! i hate you all.

them: we don't know who he is!!!!

me: wah lau eh! who goes around and shakes hands on Halloween, what the heck?! omg, guys, KILL ME NOW. PLEASE. oh shit, i was being a total IDIOT! OH MY GOD.

thinking about what happened still makes me giggle real bad. and i still don't know who that guy was.



well, at least we had fun with some Dance Central and the hilarious moves on Fire Burning - never imagined I'd enjoy Sean Kingston so much.

the rest of Halloween here: HereBeGeeks



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