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"But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever." - Psalms 52:8

Monday, January 30, 2006

day one.

i'm all alone at home. adrean went to watch fearless last night and never came back. most prob sleeping over at his cousin's. then my parents went off to the temple already, then to my aunty's place at bukit panjang.

me? stuck at home coz of the blasted 2202 lab report. and all i wanna do is to keep on sleeping. and there's no food at home. oh poor me, i'm gonna starve. :(

ok, enough whining. meeting the crescent girls later, so that ought to perk me up (after i finish the report). and i managed not to gamble yesterday! i was so close to temptation though. i actually thought, well, if i sat near them and watched them play it's okay. until my fingers started to ITCH. then i scurried away. thank goodness i brought a book to read.

ooh, my little niece, shannon, still remembers me! i know i keep repeating this, but i'm always afraid she'd forget who i was by the time i saw her next, then she'd run away from me. but no! (hooray) when i walked through the door, she grinned and hid behind her mum. it took her 2 hours to come near me.

then her brother, this massive kid with a massive voice, demanded i play hide-and-seek in the 5-ROOM FLAT. wah lau, the house not say very big, where got place to hide?? and they're like pint-sized. unfair! but there was a point when i found such a good spot, the kids couldn't find me, so they went to their dad (my cousin) and he exclaimed,

'what! u can't find gu-gu?? aiyah, she's so big sized she got nowhere to hide one la. *cackle*'

yes, every year everytime we meet he comes up to me without fail to tease me about my size.


then just before i left, shannon waved byebye, then asked me if i had a swimming costume. i think she meant that she wanted to swim with me the next time she came over my place. or maybe she just wanted me around when she starts to drink swimming pool water. yeah, once she goes in, she starts slurping. then she clung on to my leg! when i dragged her along she seemed to enjoy it, haha.

i can't wait to see her again later. :D


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