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"But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever." - Psalms 52:8

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

day two and three.

after the lab report that took me 4 hours (once again, thank you alvin! *grin*) i went over to my aunty's place at bukit panjang. nothing much happened except that the ride from simei to jelapang lrt station took a grand total of 1.25 hours. i swear my bum was flat from all the sitting.

hung around my aunt's till 9, then went to meet the girls! nothing much, the usual drinking at the loof (i've never been there. i reckon it's 'loof' as in 'roof'), then shan was like, 'eh. PVD's at zouk. let's go.'

so me, mel and shan were planning to go and check paul van dyk out, while the rest continued their drinking at the wine bar, BUT when we got there (it was around 12am) the queue was so freaking long... and then the management came out to turn everyone away coz zouk was packed to the brim. *sigh* so near yet so far! then before i found out it was full, i messaged the only 2 fans of pvd i knew. and then felix responded and came down! (duh, he's a dj)

but then no one could go in, so while the girls drank and drank at the wine bar, i was hanging out with felix. it was so sad, coz we were just waiting for... nothing. then saw this guy felix knew, apparently from life science... then i saw wenyen! (who came out for air, coz this girl he was with nearly fainted - she's small.)

hmm, by about 2am zhexuan was SO HIGH we had to leave the wine bar to stop her from drinking. woah. she's scary when she's drunk. but damn funny at the same time... we headed down to orchard on the pretense of getting her more drinks, and all i remember was when she was crossing the traffic she went 'DIU! DIU! DIU!' while taking each stride in tune with the pedestrian crossing warning signal.


oh!oh! and i saw jeremy ng!

tried to msg felix coz i thought he might be able to give me a lift back but noooo, he was on the ecp by the time i called. :(

but! got saved by another lift home, or sort of, coz we took a stop to have some supper - long island tea on empty stomach is .......................

went to bed at 430, woke up at 730. 3 HOURS! CAN DIE LA! then continued visiting today, from jessica's to yuinyee's to candice's to aileen's where we had steamboat. nothing exciting happened today, maybe coz i was so stoned. zzz. if i remember anything exciting i'll blog about it tomorrow.

can't believe i've got a full day tmr. plus leader's meeting at night.

must... be... unwhiny...


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