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"But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever." - Psalms 52:8

Sunday, February 19, 2006

i have loads to tell!

on friday (the day after the concert) alvin walks up to me and...

1. passes me his camera full of photos and videos
2. throws at me a totally geek t-shirt which screams FRANZ FERDINAND (which i absolutely love. i wore it to sleep last night)
3. and adds in a ticket (stub?) with Alex Kapranos' signature on it.


it was a fine, fine day.

on saturday it was a mad rush to the tabernacle with 4 of my kids from the children's club, and then a mad rush to congre... where i bumped into weiyi. of all places! he was squatting there playing risk with his cell at some doorway. and guess what...

we have great fashion sense!

anyways, after congre was (another) mad rush to grab drinks/mixers for the girls at the Gallery Hotel. this is where all the fun begins!

oh but before i get into 'Girls' Night Out' proper, i need to say - i met the weirdest taxi driver. from asking me why i was going to a hotel and insulting my modesty, he suddenly started to talk about ---> his abandoned china wife ---> how his taxi was a gift from the gods ---> he is a god ---> he can control weather/life & death etc ---> where the %&$# is gallery hotel?? ---> he is a god ---> he is a god who doesn't accept money ---> where the %&$# is gallery hotel?? ETC.

the longest 15 minutes in my life.

i blew (not breathed) a puff (not sigh) of relief when i leaped out of the cab. gAAAH. found the girls and whipped out the camera! took a few sober shots first and a few videos. then out came the moet. then malibu. then, screwdriver. then... POKER CARDS FOR THE DRINKING GAME.

it took me 3 cups and i was almost peeing into my shorts and laughing HARD at everything mel said. sometimes she wasn't even saying anything and we were just laughing at each other coz we look so dumb even though we knew how dumb we looked... ah, never mind.

xinwei and angel just sat there.

'why aren't we high? WE SHOULD GET HIGH! (cue: background laughter from me and mel) they're having fun! dang our tolerance!' -angel

then me and mel began to start losing control of our legs and basically kicked everything onto the floor. drinks and mixers. then xinwei and angel decided we should go dance it off. well, i knew i was all jelly already so i didn't want to put on any makeup 'cept for some gloss coz seriously, who can tell in all the darkness?? but noooo, mel insisted i trust her. due to bad judgement and woozy brain, i said ok!

(when going down the lift) xinwei to me: eh. why your face so red???

we actually went to cocco latte to check it out... it was then around 12? cocco was EMPTY. it was really depressing. empty as in us 4, and a couple making out downstairs. sigh. it's quite sad coz me and the girls have had good times there...

ah well! off to a better party spot. we walked down to...


MOS. ooh yeaaaah was planning to check it out with the uni bunch on wed, but hey! i get to go there twice in one week then! whoop! i love the place. the main arena is huge. not to mention they were playing the prodigy when i first stepped in.


then we went to the retro room - it has colourful squares! wow! i remember doing some retro move that made xinwei roll her eyes. think it was the side-step. but the music was blah (i'm so not a mambo chick... thank goodness.) so we left!

for SMOOVE. and we had to queue for... awhile? though it felt like a really long time. i thought the music was only so-so though. cocco spun better stuff. but hey, i was just happy to hang with my girlies so it was all still good.

we stayed till abt 3 plus and got back to the hotel at 4.

oh!oh! mel is SUCH A HOMOPHOBE CAN? she refuses to stand anywhere where she could see us changing (we only have one loo!) and she's from a girls' school! although i have an idea of where her phobia comes from... and how. and who kinda caused it. (i.e. me)

the eye...

anyways!! i went to sleep with my hair wet and woke up looking like a... a... an idiot. coz one side was sticking UP. i prodded mel awake just to show her how my hair was defying gravity. and then my heel lost a bit of skin at MOS coz my shoes were so tight. and i do think i had a slight hangover when i woke up.

NOT FUN AT ALL. it was only a headache, actually. no puking involved. well, if i was drunk i wouldn't be able to recount events yeah? yeahhh??

then today after service i spent $70 at a shot. but, this is another story...



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