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Sunday, March 26, 2006

low cars

nel had a small gathering at her place; it was just me, aileen, ingrid and alvin.

so after about 1/2 of 2 vcds each, left-over steamboat and a few home made martinis (*smacks lips*), we decided to go home.

so me, aileen and grid were standing on the pavement waiting for alvin to fetch his car from the carpark when we spotted a zhng-ed car. it was the usual - bright paintworks (yellow), had a spoiler the size of a... it was huge la, blue neon lights in the undercarriage, and low, LOW suspension.

me and ingrid: 'wah! eh! zhng-ed car!'

then we started laughing at how he slowed to a crawl (nel's place has killer humps the size of those at marine parade hahaha) so i nodded towards the car and exclaimed:

'hahaha! zhng for what?? come to humps still must slow down until like that, hahahaha...'

as the car drove past, i noticed something.

the driver's window was rolled down. and the driver was glaring at me.

dammit, he obviously heard everything.

'shit. alvin, drive down faster!!'


oh and this was the first time i've actually seen alvin drive!! gasp!

he can't park. it's mad. he parks without checking if the front part of his car will hit something when he goes astern. i think my heart stopped and my jaw dropped. but he was so nonchalant about it!

'it's instinct parking! really! won't hit one!'


oh! oh! daviiiiiiiid. u have a friend!!! guess who has no idea how to get around singapore too?

'eh, how to get to your house...'

'er, how to get to nel's house...'

'eh! how to go home?? ah, got aileen... good good.'


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