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"But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever." - Psalms 52:8

Monday, June 26, 2006


okok i gotta sleep in 10 min so i'll make this quick. i...

1. cut my hair real short
2. went for adults' camp
3. brought the kiddos to the church carnival
4. have purplish-glittery nails that the girls forced on me (oh! the peer pressure... ok maybe not exactly peer per se)
5. played with the kids when there was less of a crowd at the carnival -

ok this one must elaborate. they had those inflatable things for kids right? so there were two huge slides side by side - very steep. i rejected the kids everytime they said 'cheche come and play with us la pleeeeese' ... until the end. coz less kids = i have a chance to ascend the steep slope on my 'pai kar'.

hurhur. i went mad. i scrambled all the way up, while candice went 'nonono i watch, i'll watch first'

she couldn't stop laughing.

i was up there with lycia and adeline when they kept going 'come on let's slide down!'

i had better plans.

'WEEEE~!!' i leapt off the slide and bounce, bounce, BOUNCED my way down. wah damn fun la!!!!

hehe all the kids were in awe. ingrid was just gaping and candice was like laughing really hard and going, 'okok i wanna play too!'

6. while i was happily bouncing away and having my nails painted, apparently jun and al were rushing down to collect my birthday cake! IT WAS CHOCOLATE FUDGE BANANA!!

well u guys know i really do not like banana unless they're fried to a crisp and oh, so, yummy... mmm... goreng pisang... *lao nua*

anyways i made an exception this time. IT WAS SO GOOD!! it was from 'awfully chocolate'. everyone should try it. oh my. *lust*

and lastly...

7. am gonna be FREAKING BUSY.

bubbai!! XD


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