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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

happy halloween!

yesterday after class we trooped down to bob's place to celebrate 'dressing up and collecting/giving out candy' day .

there's no pleasing anybody.

i tried to squirm out of 'celebrating' coz i said it was a pagan festival and got shot down. and then i tried to explain to other people that i'm not really celebrating halloween and got shot down too.

i give up. i'm just using halloween as an excuse to dress up and collect candy, ok?


so we went down to bob's place coz every year during this time, the whole street's full of children trick or treating.

our theme was Pirates!! so obviously, i went down wearing the same costume i used for the Microbiology Welcome Tea, haha. i think next year we'll be pirates again.

by 530pm, children were going around the streets already. my gosh, some were incredible cute. i loved all the children dressed as little pumpkins, GAHHHHHHHH.

and then we also had one scary witch (with no children in tow) trick or treating. hmm, odd.

some of the teenagers were really cynical though, and sometimes rude. had half a mind to shoo them away, but we jolly pirates were in too good a mood. they should be lucky we didn't make them walk the plank. ARRRRRRrrrrrRRRRRR!!

alanna was tasked with the rationing of candy (booty) to the trick or treaters, but because she had on her eye patch, she had no depth perception whatsoever.

it was really quite funny to see her totally miss the candy bag and drop everything on the driveway while smiling. hahahahaha

gerg came as a penguin!! after we finished giving out the candy, though. he was really late, but when we walked around the neighbourhood checking out the houses' decorations, he had a throng following him squealing, 'hey is that a penguin??! turn around mister penguin!!'

ahahahaha great fun.

well, this was trial run #1. next year, bigger budget and we must go trick or treating before opening our doors for giving out candy!!

we rounded off the night playing Hoopla. it was just hilarious, especially with blur-cock jo, and her much more competent boyfriend kenji. heh.

well, back to work again today! (having a bit of a fever actually. boooo.)


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