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Monday, October 01, 2007

cash studios @ The Arcade

i met nel, ingrid and candice for KTV 2 saturdays ago... and it was fun, of course!

we met at eight at forum, and proceeded to walk over to The Arcade... where i promptly forgot which level the KTV was at. i only remembered, the lift has to go downwards.

so well, no matter, just try different floors la.

*ding!* B1: we walked out... and realized it wasn't it, so we ran back. as we crammed back into the lift, everyone turned to me to chastise me...

*ding!* B2: the lift opened to reveal an old lift grille, behind which was one... eerie... black... empty... corridor...

nel turned behind to see which floor we were at and screamed her head off. which, of course, made everyone else start screaming too, and i could barely press the 'door close' button while trying to cover my ears.

hehehehe, it was quite funny, but i did get whacked left, right, and center for my blurness. :p

*ding!* B3: it's the right place!! yellow light flooding into the lift never felt more welcoming. the other 3 left the lift (not without throwing me dirty looks first) and we headed to our room!

we booked a slot for 3 hours, 8-11pm.

very excitably, i flicked on the disco lights... and immediately was disappointed by their 'eh er... can turn it off anot... it hurts our eyes...'


but i was still really happy because i got to sing alot!! wah damn shiok, coz somehow my voice was like possessed or something, and i had a pretty wide range that night... i was shocked silly when i managed to hit the high notes. *glee*

eh... but i think it's a once in a lifetime thing... i am alto afterall. songs by male singers, ftw!

i have a manly voice. T_T

so i 点-ed stuff like 优客李林, 陶喆, 李圣杰, 张信哲 and of course, 周杰伦. yeah, very ambitious right. oh and even 曹格's 背叛. it's a bloody good song.

and all the rest of the girls kept laughing at how my selection of songs were so OLD. i was gonna retort that it wasn't... then i realized 50% of the songs i selected were from 10 years (or more!! eep) ago.

sorry la, i stopped listening to 93.3 since sec 2, can't blame me k... :(

and then all the songs they selected i also don't know how to sing. hehehehehe.

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